App for Samsung Pay – Make Payment with Your Samsung Device Online

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App for Samsung Pay – Make Payment with Your Samsung Device Online

Do you have a Samsung device? You can easily set up your phone for payments using Samsung pay.


 Seen as a mode of payment in stores, samsung pay is accepted as it works works in-store, in-app and online.

Regardless of your location, Samsung devices work at all your favorite places, making Samsung Pay the most accepted mobile payment that anyone can make use of.

What does Samsung Pay entails it is a phone payment and digital wallet service by Samsung Electronics which enable users make payments using well-suited phones as well Samsung products.

In this piece of write up, we will look at Samsung pay and how you can set up samsumg pay using your mobile device.

App for Samsung Pay – Setting up Samsung Pay With your Phone

It is quite simple to set up Samsung Pay on your phone. It is actually not surprising that payment can be done right from our phone.

Knowing too well that are in a technological era where we are no longer stressed on so many things like going out with money as technology makes it very easy.

We are now in the era of cashless policy where less cash is now being used in financial institutions and other platforms both online and offline and still trying kick of payment cards.

In the world today, we now have contactless modes of payment making payment easy for us, but our are of focus is on Samsung pay.

To successfully and  quickly run a transaction online without your card just have your payment app downloaded and installed on your  smartphone with countless payment support.

How to Set Up Your Samsung Pay

Below is what you need to do before you can start using your Samsung device for payment

  • Find the apps on your mobile Device.
  • Choose Samsung pay.
  • Hit install to download and install the app successfully on your device.
  • Open the app on your device.
  • Then, hit sign in. But if  you don’t have a Samsung account, tap sign up and follow the prompt to create an account.
  • Agree to the terms of the Samsung pay after signing in or up for a Samsung Account.
  • At this point, you can set up the fingerprint verification by tap on the use fingerprint and follow the on-screen instructions. Better still, kip, and use the Samsung pay pin to set up the PIN verification method.
  • Enter password, hit on continue to go the next step.
  • Enter the password again to confirm
  • Then, hit OK.

Samsung Pay Rewards

The Samsung Rewards is seen as a program by which its users earn Samsung Rewards

points by purchasing a product from Samsung as well making use of its services.

Here, the reward points can be redeemed toward purchases at, Shop Samsung app, Galaxy Store, or in the Samsung Rewards catalog for products, e.t.c

Likewise making use of credit cards with unique offers and perks, as a user once you make purchases with Samsung Pay you will get to earn points for

purchases made and then redeem for prizes, like Samsung gear or even holiday.

How to View Rewards

To view rewards on Samsung pay is quite simple. open Samsung Pay on your device, and then tap Rewards.

Tap More Options, and then tap Point summary to view your purchase and redeem record.

How to Earn reward points

It is simple to earn points with Samsung Rewards you can earn ten points with each qualifying purchase made with Samsung Pay Opens in New Window

Each month, you have the opportunity to reach a bonus level that accelerates your points for that month and the month after. 

For more details on Samsung Rewards Levels, open Samsung Pay, tap Rewards, and then tap learn more beneath Reward Statue.

App for Samsung Pay – How to Make Payment Using Samsung app

If you have the account and you’re ready to pay, all you need do is

  • make open Samsung Pay using your mobile device.
  • Once you are done, tap Pay, then select your preferred card.
  • Tap PIN or IRIS
  • Enter the security details that is needed. otherwise use your fingerprint security set up,
  • Place your finger on your phone’s fingerprint scanner.

With the write up above you can now set up and make payments using your Samsung device online…

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