Apple Maps Street View – How to find locations, get directions with Maps

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Apple Maps Street View – How to find locations, get directions with Maps

Get to know how to locate places, directions using apple in – built maps. So many cities have the apple transit directions find out if your city is one of them.


It looks like there are upgrades and new happening in some cities as there are now supported with apple map transit which features in some part of Europe as it is not exempted.

There have been on going upgrades, a step forward for from Apple maps as it has been improved to some part of Europe as it is spotted that the apple map transit is now accessible.

apple has been progressively improving its apple maps functions lately, and has simply made good once obtainable in the USA.

According to apple, the whole world would get to experience its improvements this year.

Thereby, generating an excellent and most non-public maps app on the planet with the thought of ways people recently explore the world.

The completion of the new map in the United States and delivering new features like Look Around and Collections are important steps in bringing that vision to life.

Now that some European cities are seeing improved public transit data it’s likely they will also soon start to see additional layers, including internal maps for things like malls. Eventually, users will see data for buses, trams, and trains.

How to find locations, directions with Maps on iPhone and iPad

Getting to find locations and get guide using map the map is already in your iPhone it has re-integrated transit directions into Maps you can now find trains, buses e.t.c with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • Once you open your Maps with your device, enter your destination.
  • Tap Directions, then choose Drive, Walk, Transit, or Ride.
  • After that, select the route you prefer. Maps shows the fastest route first based on traffic conditions.
  • Tap Go. To see an overview of your route, tap “Tap for Overview” in the banner. To end navigation, tap End, then tap End Route. You can also ask Siri to “Stop Navigating” when you have Hands-Free turned on.

When you start moving, Maps updates its position to give you a better sense of direction.

You can also use your finger to scroll ahead to see any obstructions on your route. Maps also helps you avoid missing a turn or an exit by suggesting the lane you should be in while driving.

To avoid tolls or highways, go to Settings > Maps, then tap Driving & Navigation. Tap the slider for Tolls or Highways.

How to mark your current location

If you want to permanently save the location you went before for future reason, you can use Maps’s Mark buttons to add pins and save them as favorites.

  • On the maps, tap the info button that reseamble an “I”in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the resulting popover, select Mark My Location. A red pin will appear on your map.
  • Then, tap on your location indicator to mark your current location, or tap and hold anywhere on the map tile to drop a pin.

Which Cities are Apple Maps transit directions Available?

Cities in which the map is available include:

Apple Maps Street View – How Can I share my current location?

To share your location to someone to know your way about using your device through map;

  • In Maps, tap the arrow outline button in the upper right corner to lock the app on your current location. The arrow will fill to a solid blue.
  • Tap your location indicator. Your contact picture should appear above it in a tiny bubble.
  • In the popover that results, tap the Share My Location button.
  • Them, select how to share: via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Reminders, or other services.

Apple Maps Street View – Guideline on How change your map view to Transit or Satellite mode and view traffic

There are three different mode for viewing trips offered by apple they include:

2D/3D line maps, transit lines, or Satellite mode. Then, by default, Map is the traditional view presented but this is how you can switch

  • At the upper right corner if the screen on the maps, tap the info button which resemble i
  • Then, still on the Maps tap view you want to see: Map Transit, or Satellite.
  • Close the settings screen by tapping the X button in the upper right corner of the popover.

To get rid of slow moving traffic, make use of Maps to show you real-time traffic conditions on major routes around the city.

  • At the upper right corner if the screen on the maps, tap the info button which resemble i
  • Slide the Traffic switch to the On position.

You’ll now see important traffic conditions marked on the map orange and red lines represent moderate and heavy traffic, respectively.

Maps also includes markers detailing the cause of the slowdown, whether it’s construction, road closures, or a major accident; you can tap each icon to see more details.

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