Azimo Money Transfer – International Money Transfer with Azimo

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Azimo Money Transfer – International Money Transfer with Azimo

Azimo was originated in January 2012 by co-founders Michael Kent, Marta Krupinska, Ricky Knox, and Marek Wawro and it is currently headquared

in Amsterdam, Netherlands having the Michael Kent as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with over fifty people employed in the company.


Azimo online money transfer company is created for users to make use of in terms of money transfer between countries and rejoin.

The platform presently allows sending of money from Europe although; one can receive money from virtually everywhere.

The goal of this company is to ensure that they render an effective service to their users making sure that money is rightly transferred to the expected

destination which they place the company as a quick and safe way for your online money transfer.

Since its existence, the company has been open and has reached some some countries they have companies in Poland and have about 300 cash pick up locations.

Azimo Money Transfer – Download App

The app is available both iOS and android device you can simple, download the app via your Google Play Store and from your Apple Store in order to get the app to your device;

  • Using the Search for the Azimo Money Transfer.
  • Tap on the app from all the displayed results in the store.
  • Tap on it to download and install.

When the download is completed, you can fully have access to the app as and use it at will you will be able to get the following using the via the app;

using the app you will get emails and push notifications that the present location of the money, you will get benefit from greater biometric security, you will also get real-time currency notifications.

That means you get some basic information on your Azimo Money Transfer application than that of the web.

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Register for An Account With Azimo

To make proper use of this platform and to also enjoy all that the platform have to offer registering for an account on Azimo Money Transfer is the first thing you have to do. The procedure below will let you do that at ease;

  • Visit Azimo on your browser or tap on the Azimo app, and click on “Register” on the home page.
  • Afterwards, select the type of account you want to open whether business or personal and select the country you want to send from the drop-down menu.
  • Then input your information like email, preferred password, name and lick on “Register” to create your account.

Once your details are imputed correctly, your account will be opened there, you can now start making use of the platform

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How to Log In Azimo Account

The guideline below can be used to login;

Visit Azimo  and click on “Log in” on the home page. This would display the sign-in page, enter in your email and password, click on the “Log in” icon.

You would be logged in successfully if the information provided is correct.

Azimo Money TransferHow To Send Money

You can use the guideline to send money to any country by login in to your account, choose the country you want to deliver to and complete it using the guide here;

  • Select a delivery method for your transfer.
  • Enter the name of the recipient.
  • Choose the amount you want to send and pay securely with your debit/credit card transfer or with a bank transfer.
  • Check all transfer details again.
  • Confirm payment.

Your transfer through Azimo Money Transfer is pretty simple and fast. At times, the money are delivered within one hour to one working day that’s

how it  is and the delivering time is also dependent to the country you are sending to, the method you’v chosen and how you pay for the transfer.

Guideline to Receive Money From Azimo

When the method of delivery selected is a direct bank deposit or mobile e-wallet deposit, the recipient has nothing left to do.

But, the home deliveries or cash pickups, you’ll need the following information or documents.

  • The transaction ID- The sender will provide you with this code
  • Your government-issued ID – The name displayed on the ID must match that was given by the sender
  • You may also be asked to identify the sender and the reason for the transfer. Ensure you are prepared with this information

Azimo Mobile app?

Azimo has a free to download app that you can easily get via Google Play and Apple Store this can enable instantly perform the following;

  • Create Azimo account
  • Easily send money to bank accounts, cash pickup locations, mobile wallets, or mobile phone top-ups
  • Track Transfers
  • Checking exchange rates and transfer costs
  • Adding and remove recipients and more…

For easy access, download azimo mobile to enjoy your online transactions

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