Behance Graphics – Visit Behance to Follow Best Graphic Designers, Behance Sign up

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Behance Graphics – Visit Behance to Follow Best Graphic Designers, Behance Sign up

Behance is a network of services provider owned by Adobe which aim at self-promotion, online portfolio sites and consulting.


Behance as a social platform is aimed at showcasing and discovering of creative works.

On the platform, you are open to view various artworks and respond to them if you are making use of the site, you will be sited as because is more or less a social media network provided for photo creators and editors.

It is  place created for creative people where they can discover and collect creative work from all over the world. Explore projects, works, creatives and collections all from Behance

Behance is an excellent network service platform that is made available to everyone. The platform can be used by all but before you can make use of the platform, you must have to be a registered user and you can get that done by signing up.

How Can You Locate The Site?

If you want to visit and explore the site, you will have to on your device Open browser or chrome.

Next thing to do is to use the search bar and type in thetype in the URL of the site; After which the page will be shown on your screan.

Behance Account Sign Up

Signing up for an account wont cost a thing you need a laptop or a device that have internet then once you have it handy, you will then use the guide below to get registered.

  • Visit the Behance website,
  • The homepage of the website will be displayed on your screen.
  • Then at the top of the homepage, you would see Sign Up with Email or with your Facebook or Gmail account.

You can choose to Sign Up with your Facebook or Gmail account if you have an account with them if you have decided to use those then doe this;

  • Click on Sign Up with Email.
  • A page would be then displayed to your screen.
  • On that page, you get to fill in every detail required.
  • After you have filled up your details, you click on Sign Up.
  • Agree to the terms by clicking on the little boxes above the Sign-Up.

Once is well done, your account will be created

How to Apply for Behance Jobs Offer

You can apply for the behance job using the guide below;

  • Open up your browser.
  • Then visit or go to
  • Then you will now click on the “job” link above the page.
  • After that, the job page will then be displayed.
  • On that page, you get to see the list of job offers and their locations.
  • Take a few of your time to access the page to understand it properly.

How to Sign In on Behance

  • Just go to the Behance website,
  • At the top right corner, you would see Sign In.
  • Click it.
  • Just fill in your email and also your password.
  • Then click on Sign In.

These are the steps for you to sign in on the Behance platform.

What are Embeded on Behance

On the platform, there are features like; Web Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design,Curated Galleries.

These are some features found on the Behance platform.

Visit Behance to get more of what I explained above…

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