Cash Back with Apple Pay – How Apple Pay Cash Back Works

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Cash Back with Apple Pay – How Apple Pay Cash Back Works

Apple pay is one of the best contactless payment software systems we have today. Now the question here is this, is there cash back for apple pay? 


To have a good knowledge of this write up, first one needs to know what ‘cash back’ means.

Understanding the term cashback  will enable you to know what apple pay cashback is all about.

How would you feel, when you are paid for using your credit card for shopping? this says it all

Cash Back with Apple Pay

Cashback is a form of benefit that refunds a cardholder a percentage, relatively small of the total amount spent on purchases.

This means that you get to be paid a certain amount every time you use your card in purchasing items.

You can get cash backs with apple when you use your apple card in shopping for items in any of the apple platforms, via apple pay or across stores both online and offline.

How Apple Pay Cash Back Works

With an idea of  what cashback is and also what apple pay cashback is. All cash backs with your apple card are deposited into your apple cash card.

At the end of every day, you will get a deposit accounting for transactions that took place or posted since the last deposit.

Apple cash bask is associated with the following rewards

· Three (3) % discount or cashback on things you buy from apple whether you buy from the apple store, iTunes, the app store or

· 2% discount every time you buy items using apple pay.

· 1% back on items you purchase across stores, websites or apps that don’t accept apple pay.

These are the rates on apple pay | card cashback.

How to View Your Apple Cash Card and Withdraw

To withdraw from your apple cash card, the following steps are required;

· Open the wallet app on your device.

· Tap on the apple cash card.

· Under the latest transactions tab, you will see daily cash deposits.

· Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.

· Tap transfer to the bank.

Cash Back with Apple Pay – View Per-Transactions Rewards for Apple Card Cashback

The following steps are needed to view per- transaction rewards:

· Once you open the wallet app.

· Select your apple card.

· Beneath the latest transactions list tab, you will see the percentage cashback earned.

· Select a specific transaction.

· After that you will see the +$ sign under the transaction total showing the total apple card cashback credited.

With all that has been said so far, and since you know How Apple Pay Cash Back Works, you can now make good use of it.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time…

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