Catly Token – Verified Binance Users Get A Free Airdrop earn in USDT

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Catly Token – Binance Users Get Free Airdrop earn in USDT

Catly Token is really paving way in the crypto world as the very first token to offer buybacks during its presale stage. Catly is a new cryptocurrency investment website that guarantees users increased revenue.

Catly Token

Upon signing up and fulfilling the registration process, users receive 500 $CATLY tokens. The platform operates by automatically initiating mining for users who possess the initial 500 $CATLY tokens.

Catly Token – Verified Binance Users Get Free Airdrop earn in USDT

Users can earn daily rewards of 3 % of their capital for 15 days, and once their balance reaches 60 $CATLY, which is the minimum they can withdraw the funds directly to their USDT Binance wallet.

They can also choose to restake after the withdrawal. During the presale period, Catly Token holders can partake in the special offer of buybacks.

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This implies that a part of the tokens sold during the presale will be repurchased from the market, adding an additional layer of significant worth and steadiness to the token. A surprising idea separates Catly Token from different tokens on the coin market.

The special opportunity allows Binance users to be part of the Catly Token ecosystem right from the start, benefiting from both the token’s buyback and the potential rewards from staking.

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So if you are a binance account holder and you are looking to explore new avenues in the world of cryptocurrencies dive in and register via the procedure below. i.e. if you are yet to do so.

Ways to Earn on Catly

  1. staking ~ You earn 3% of your capital daily for 15 day’s
  2. Referral ~ you earn from 1 to 10 levels commission from your down line activities.

How to register on Catly for Free

When you create accounts, for sign up you will get $2 of 500 of there token, and some will be send to your binance instantly, while the others token will be stake automatically and be unlocked for you in every 15days.


After successful registration

  • Click Claim
  • Go to your Binance and copy your USDT-Bep20 deposit wallet address
  • paste in the CAtLy website column (Some Token would be credited to your Binance wallet immediately
  • Go back to your Binance and copy the last 4 digits of the token sent to you under deposit, it’s your password.

NOTE They will ask you to input the amount of usdt they sent to you. Usdt will be sent to your wallet instantly. enter decimals. For example, if they sent $0.001981, enter 0.001981

Then paste in the website section

Done your  staking starts automatically.


Hope this was Helpful, thanks for Reading…


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