Chase Quickpay – How to use Chase Payment Platform, Online Payment

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Chase Quickpay – How to use Chase Payment Platform – Online Payment Platform

This is an article about the Chase QuickPay, in this piece of write up you get to know how you can easily and freely make payment online with Chase QuickPay.

Quickpay is a payment platform that can be used to quickly pay or send and receive money.


This is one platform that renders payment services the platforms can use to send and receive money via Zelle.

With the use of this platform has no charges attached meanwhile, data and message rates may apply which totally dependent on data usage or your mobile service provider.

Using the Chase QuickPay, makes your  send and receive money easy right from the comfort of your home, even at your place of work.

The good part of this is you can gain  access to the Chase QuickPay on the Zelle platform not minding if you are a user or not this you can do aside from the chase online platform.

Chase Quickpay Payment – Chase Quickpay With Zelle

this service is available to almost anyone with a United States bank account and now it is easier than ever to pay a friend even if he or she does not bank with Chase.

Using the Chase QuickPay with Zelle, you get a faster, easier, and more convenient way to send to and receive money from customers, family, and friends at other member banks.

How to use Chase Free Payment Platform

The Chase QuickPay platform is a user friendly platform Aside from Zelle, the Chase QuickPay can be accessed in the Chase Mobile App, on the Chase web page, and also in the Chase pay App.

To use the Chase QuickPay platform, you have to first, download the chase mobile app into your mobile device.

The app can be downloaded through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store depending on the app store your device supports.

Once you are done with downloading the app, an online account must be created on the application platform. once you have the app you can send money, and a whole lot

How to Enroll on Chase QuickPay With Zelle Enrollment

For you to be able to utilize the platform, there is a need to set your account up to sending money and also receiving money from customers, family, and friends. Here is what to do to get your account enrolled

  • Make open your Chase Mobile App once that is done, tap on the menu icon on the home screen page and also tap on QuickPay with Zelle.
  • The next thing you are to do is to choose the “Get started” option.
  • Afterwards, Read thtough the Chase QuickPay Service Agreement click on the checkbox if you agree then, tap on “Next”.
  • Tap on “Add email or mobile number” and then tap on the either “Mobile number” or “Email address” and enter the corresponding detail.
  • Tap on “Next” you will recieve a code enter the code sent and tap on “Next”.
  • Check the confirmation screen to check your details and then, tap on “Done”.

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With that guide above you have registered successfully you can now send and receive money from anyone you know in moments whether they Chase customers or not.

The Chase With Zelle Recurring Payment

Here, the Chase QuickPay with Zelle recurring payment enable you set up future and recurring payments. With the following guideline below you can achieve that by setting it up…

  • On your Chase mobile app tap on the menu icon on the home page and select “QuickPay with Zelle”.
  • Tap on the “Send Money” option and select a recipient. You can do that from the list of people who have received payment from you before or add new recipients.
  • Then, enter the payment amount you want to send reoccurring and toogle the “Repeat payment”. If you do not modify the payment account, and the payment date, the default date, and account would be used.
  • Adjust the “Frequency” of the payment. You can also adjust the “Send on” date if needed.
  • Select “Duration” of “No end date” or you can simply enter “Number of payments”.
  • Adjust the “Next payment” date and enter a “Memo” if needed.
  • Tap on “Send & repeat”. The confirmation screen would be displayed for any adjustments.
  • Tap on “Yes, send it now”

Sending Money with Chase QuickPay

Here is how you can easily send money to anyone- customers, family, and friends… you can do that just with the steps below

  • Using the Chase mobile app login into your account and then, tap on the “Pay” icon.
  • Then, tap on the person or bill you would like to pay, there you can add a new recipient better still, search for them using their name, phone number, or email.
  • Once that is done, enter the amount you want to send and tap on the “Pay from” to choose the account you want to use.
  • Tap “Memo” to add a note to remind them why you are sending them money.
  • Review your details and tap on “Send money” on confirmation page, tap on ”Yes, send it now” and lastly tap on “Done”.

with that you have successfully send the the money to your recipients.

Chase QuickPay Request/Split Money

This is a service offered by the Chase QuickPay for users to be able to request money or split the bill with friends. Below are the necessary steps that you can take to get that done

  • The first thing to do us to log in to your online account and head over to the menu icon on the home screen once you are there, tap on it and choose the “QuickPay with Zelle”.
  • After that, tap on the “Request & Split Money” option on the drop-down menu and select the recipient(s). You can also add new recipients, tap on “Next” if you are done with the selection.
  • Then, enter the total payment amount. The payment amount would be automatically split between the recipients although the payments can be changed manually.
  • Tap on “Include my portion” to split the payment between you and the recipients and also tap on the “Request money” option.
  • Once you are done, tap on “Yes, send it now”.
  • Review the details on the confirmation page and then tap on “Done”.

You can safely request and split a payment at ease.

Hope this was helpful?

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