Create New Google Calendar – How to a New Google Calendar- Details

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Create New Google Calendar – How to a New Google Calendar

Billions of people using email for their market make use of Gmail for some of their e mail work, in line with 2017 data from Google.


There are chances that, in case you need to share your calendar details with a friend, the mail provides the path of least a limit, to what numbers of persons embedded in Mountain View’s software ecosystem already.

Create a New Google Calendar – How to Add Calendars

Once you have created your Gmail account you have a calendar already. If you also want to create an additional calendars in order to share information, and plan special events. Here is how to go about it.

  • Visit and Log in to your Google account go to Google Calendar site.
  •  Once opened tap Add (the plus-sign icon) located above the My calendars list. Then, click New calendar from the pop-up menu.
  • Type in the name you want for your new in the Name box. Optionally, state in more detail in the Description box what events will be added to this calendar, as well as the default Time zone for the calendar.
  • Finally, click Create Calendar. At the very bottom of the browser window, you’ll see a small confirmation message as well as a link to Configure additional options for the calendar.

Check Alternative Options for Adding New Calendars

If you added a new calendar, in addition to the New calendar item there is an options to add other types of calendars, too.

Alternatively, adding a new blank calendar, you opted to Browse calendars of interest, there you will see a list of curated calendars including public and religious holidays, and sporting events, From URL opens a window wherein you may paste the iCal address of any calendar to subscribe to it.

Choose Import to upload a local file (in the iCal or Microsoft Outlook’s CSV format).

Guide to Configure New Calendars

Here you will have to adjust the setting of your calendar. If you had no opportunity to configure for you to configure if after creating it,

open the settings menu for the calendar by hovering over the calendar’s name in the left-side My calendars view, then clicking the three-dot icon. That icon reveals a menu that enables you to:

Display this only — To  hold back other calendars in the viewing window, Settings and sharing — to tweak the calendar’s advanced options, Hide from list — Hold back just the calendar from the viewing window

With the use of the three-dot icon you can also choose a color for the calendar too. That color takes charge of the tint of items in your main window.

Once you tap the Settings and sharing option, you’ll move to Google Calendar’s settings screens, which its attraction is already applied to this particular calendar.

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