Create Facebook Account for Free – How to Create a New Account on Facebook Free

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Create Facebook Account for Free – How to Create a New Account on Facebook Free

There is always a first time to everything as far as we access the net and offline, there are things that have always been in existence without our knowledge.

So, whenever I find mine is my first time and if I decide to use that means I have got the experience and also the knowledge.

This brings us to the area of focus today which is on how to create a Facebook account for free.

I can’t say is unbelievable that some persons do not know how to create an account on Facebook because some days are just like that and there is always a first time.

If you do not know how to create a facebook account, there is no need to worry this post will teach how you can do that for free. On finishing this post, you will know what Facebook entails.

Create Facebook Account for Free

For you to enjoy all that facebook have to offer, creating an account is the first step that is needed to start making proper use of facebook.

Your friends, might have told you a lot about the platform and you want to be a part of it so as to communicate with your friends within and outside the country, create awareness for your product and also sell on the platform,

Make both video and audio calls, do some gaming activities privately and with friends.

All these warrant you to have an account which creating one should bot be a problem as this post will guide you.

You can use the guideline below to create an account on facebook with no stress attached. All you will have to do is to;

Visit and click on the sign-up or button, that if you are using a smartphone web browser.

If you are using a computer web browser, you just have to enter the following details after you have visited the website.

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Enter your first and last name, email address, or mobile phone number. Create your password, make sure the password is secure, and then enter your date of birth. Once you are done inputting your details, click on the sign up button.

With that you have created a new Facebook account freely all by yourself.

How to create a second facebook account now

You can possibly create another account on facebook aside from the one you just created follow the guide provided above to get that done at ease the information you will be providing on the second account should not be related to the account you already have.

Facebook Password

If you have an account with Facebook you can log in your accounts one after the other whenever you want if you have multiple account.

To do that, visit facebook using the website URL go to the login section and then enter your username, mobile number, or email address used in

creating the account then type in the password of your account and then clicks the login button there.

Facebook App

If you are using a mobile device, you can login or create an account using the app, to achieve that, you must first, download the app.

To do that, go to your app store using the search bar, find the app “Facebook” and click the install button.

Once the downloading is done, install the app and then open it if opened, use the on-screen command to create or login to your Facebook account.

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