Create New Facebook Account – How to Create Facebook Account, FB Account

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Create New Facebook Account – How to Create Facebook Account, FB Account

Being one of the oldest social media platform, Facebook is most popular platform that FB account creation very simple and free but some new users

Create New Facebook Account

still find it difficult to create a new account, that is why I decided to make this post specially for  you.

Create New Facebook Account

If you are new to social media and want to join the biggest and most popular social network in the world,

then, you can do that at a go, if you are trying to generate a Facebook account, hey, you’re in the right place! It’s really easy; just follow this simple steps to get that done

How to Create Facebook Account

Creating an account on Facebook  is easy and has to do with the step by step guide to follow in creating a new account on the platform.

Creating a Facebook account is simple and fast and it can be done using the mobile app or website.

and consist of two methods; The phone number or email address. You can make the choice of using an active mobile number or email ID.

Benefit of Using Facebook App

For a quick and easy access the app version that can be downloaded and used on smartphones for free.

To contact your friends is easier and faster using the app with that, a user can share your updates and pictures. Here some of the interesting features you can find on the app;

  • Share your pictures, video clips, and also the memories you love.
  • Play games with the Gameroom app or games forum.
  • Use the marketplace app for buying and selling.
  • The app allows you to connect with friends and family and also meet new people in your locality.
  • Backup and save your photos by storing in albums.
  • Get push notifications on likes, comments, tags, and mentions.

There are more things the Facebook mobile app can offer you aside from the ones listed above.

How to Download Facebook App

Downloading and installing the Facebook app is simple and free and is compatible to all devices an be downloaded on your iOS or Android device.

This is what to do to download, launch the App Store on your device and type in Facebook into the search box. Tap on the first Facebook app to load its information page. Then tap on “Install” to get.

The app would be downloaded immediately into the device. Afterward, you create an account using it or sign in if you already have one.

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Facebook Account Creation

Creating a Facebook account is free and simple and can be done with use the web or mobile app.

Now, let’s see How to Create a Facebook Account. Follow the step by step procedure below;

Create Facebook Account via Facebook App;
  • Download the app, launch and tap on “Create New Facebook Account”. Then select “Next”.
  • Type in your real name (first name and surname)and select next.
  • Select your date of birth from the options provided, then tap “Next”.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Type your phone number or select to use an email address instead.
  • Create a password for the account and select “Sign Up”.

To complete make sure to confirm the email ID or number with code or email that would be sent confirm and start using your Facebook

Create Facebook Account Using Facebook Website;
  • Launch your web browser and input the Facebook URL
  • Enter your name (first and surname), email ID or mobile phone number, password, birthday, and your gender.
  • Then click on “Sign Up”.

The account will be created but to complete it, you would need to confirm your email address or phone number.

Use the code sent to your number or link sent to your email to verify the account.

How to Login to your Facebook Account

If you already have an account, you can easily sign in to the account using the website or app. Follow the steps below;

  • Open the Facebook app or go to
  • Enter the mobile number or email address and password.
  • Then select “Login”.

Your account will be logged in.

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