Delete Facebook Search History – How to Delete Search from Facebook Activity Log

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Delete Facebook Search History – How to Delete Search from Facebook Activity Log

In todays write up we will be looking at how to remove or delete your search history via Facebook platform.


A lot of Facebook users do not know how to clear their Facebook search history that is why I decided to make it easy for you by making a post on how you can delete your Facebook search history.

 Facebook search has now be changed all from a single page and individual search feature on the platform to a fully-fledged search engine.

That is to say, now users can type in search queries in the search box for results.

Delete Facebook Searches

Delete Facebook search this is a process of getting rid of your search history on the facebook  platform.

Once any search is made on Facebook, Facebook secures all your searches by saving your search history, not to worry, you can now clear  the searches you made on your  account.

You can clear or delete the searches individually or swipe the entire history without stress.

Facebook is a social platform that is based on sharing and communicating, but the Facebook search is a wonderful option for finding people with.

You can search for your friends with the search option rather than going to your friend list to find them.

The search also makes it possible for us to come across old friends or college mates.

It is easy to clear the search history to find the search history, go through your Activity Log.

How to Login on Facebook

To access your facebook account and as well manage it, follow the guide below;

·  On your device open mobile app better still through

·  Then enter your login details; mobile phone number or email address and password.

·  After that, tap on Login.

The account will be loaded on the device if the information provided is right.

Once you’re logged in you can access your activity log to delete Facebook searches.

What is Facebook Search Activity Log

Your Facebook activity log is the segment of the facebook account that lists all the social activities in a chronological form.

Which the activity consist of your likes, comments, followers, mentions in a post, etc. On Facebook, your searches are listed in your Activity log.

Thus, the activity log can only be accessed when you are logged into your account through the app or webpage.

Search History on Facebook Activity Log

Your activity log on Facebook lets you manage and review the stuff you share on Facebook. You can find and use your activity log by;

·  Open your profile by tapping on your name or the picture.

·  From there, below your cover photo, hit on “Activity Log”.

·  In order to filter the results by types, use the options at the left side like Posts You’re Tagged In.

If you wish to search for a specific activity, use the Activity Search at the top right side.

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How to Delete Search from Facebook Activity Log

This consist of list of the activities you search for on Facebook. which is only seen by you in order to remove a search:

New Facebook

  • On the top right click and select Settings & Privacy > Activity Log.
  • In the top left of your activity log, click Filter.
  • Scroll to Search History and click the circle to select, then click Save Changes.
  • In the left column, hover over the search you want to remove.
  • Click , then click Delete.

Delete Search History on mobile

Classic Facebook

  • Go to your profile by clicking your name or profile picture at the top right of Facebook
  • Click Activity Log in the bottom right of your cover photo
  • In the left column, click More, and then select Search History
  • Click  next to the search you want to remove, then click Delete
  • Click Remove Search to confirm your decision.

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