Disadvantages of gay Marriage – All you Need to Know

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Disadvantages of Gay Marriage … Today, we will be looking into the Disadvantages of gay Marriage. Thus, before drafting out my points, I will like to ask two simple questions. What is the essence of marriage? I think that the purpose of marriage is to reproduce and take care of the younger ones.Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

why do evolution create homosexuality in human existence? According to researches carried out, it was created to stabilize the high rate of population in the animal’s kingdom.

Disadvantages of gay Marriage – All you Need to Know

Gay marriage is the marriage between people of the same sex. Thus the issue of gay marriage has been a controversial topic for so many years, with diverse countries accepting and legalizing it as a normal marriage.Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

It is no longer a taboo in countries like Netherlands, Argentina, France, Spain, United kingdoms, Brazil and just a year ago,it was legalized in united States.

In the year 2015 precisely, June 2 gay marriage became a legal marriage nation wide, although few countries are not in support of it,majority of the countries worldwide have accepted and legalized it.

Looking at the disadvantages of gay marriage, I have made available a few points with brief explanation.

Disadvantages of gay Marriage – All you Need to Know

No procreation: the purpose of marriage is to reproduce, but reproduction can not take place between two people of the Same sex thereby reducing the population to it’s minimal.

The stigma on their children: even though the marriage is already legalized in most of the countries, not everyone is in full support of the practice particularly kids of gay parents. they may be prone to insults, bullying and even end up physically hurt because of the evil committed by their gay parents.

Affects child development: Gay parents are given right to adopt  or have their children but it is impossible for them to play the roles of parents to their children. There is a certain stage when girls will seek the attention of their father(s) and boys that of their mother (s),in situation whereby two fathers and mothers are playing the roles of parents to their child (ren) it will affect the child’s development.

Affects adoption process: by allowing  gay parents to adopt children at all cost, it makes the number of adoption application to be high thereby hindering normal infertile couple from adopting children since the have bigger chance to reproduce because they are from opposite sex.Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

Sexual transmitted disease: since there is no way they can reproduce,any of them interested in having children may venture into prostitution in order to be impregnated or impregnant. It may lead to STDs because they don’t know the health condition of the people they are having sex with.

The menace of gay marriage Is nothing to write home about and should not be encouraged in any nation. It should be put an end to, to save our world and generation.Stop lesbianism, stop homosexuality, marry and live a Normal life, it will not take away anything from you.

Gay marriage is made for animals in the bush not humans, stop behaving like an animal and make use of your intelligent quotient. Dont get it twisted IS NOT NORMAL AT ALL…

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