Duolingo Profile – Duolingo, How to Create your Duolingo profile

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Duolingo Profile – Duolingo, How to Create your Duolingo profile

If you are interested in learning different languages online, then you will have to stay with me to the end of this post.


Duolingo is a learning platform, designed for you to learn any language online for free.

If you are a student reading this post, you will need to generate an account in order to improve your learning ability once it comes to languages.

Here, the platform is not just meant for only student it is also for people interested in learning languages.

Generating Duolingo Profile

It is possible to set up my Duolingo profile myself? Yes you can create an account for yourself on dashboard.

The profile page is a page that reveals what level you are on a current language you want to learn.

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This page also contains a list of all badges you’ve achieved from your progress.

How to Sign Up to create a profile

A profile is generated when one sign up, your profile will be automatically sets up.

In essence, if you have an account, you have a profile. Follow the steps below to set up your profile.

  • Visit duolingo.com.
  • Find the login button and click on it.
  • Choose “Facebook” or “Google” to sign in with Facebook or Google respectively.
  • You could also sign up manually by clicking “Sign Up” and filling the form provided.

Note; To create a new account, click “Get Started” and follow the instructions to create your Duolingo Profile. This includes:

choosing a learning language, selecting a daily goal, starting with basics or a placement test, and building your Profile with a username and email address. 

If you already have an account, please click “I already have an Account” and enter your email/username and password to log in.

Once you’ve created your account, hover on your avatar. From the drop-down menu, select “Your Profile”. You would now be redirected to your profile page.

How to Login

If you want to access your account to manage your account, you can use the guide below to get that done.

  • Visit  duolingo.com.
  • On the right side of the page, tap on LOGIN.
  • Enter your Email or Username.
  • Type in your Password.
  • Click on login.

Using the above guide, you can log in to your account your mobile device.

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