Educational System of Nigeria – Providing Degrees not Skills – Remedy

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Educational System of Nigeria – Providing Degrees not Skills… Education according to Oxford advanced learners dictionary is a process of teaching, learning and training especially in higher schools or colleges to improve knowledge and Develop skills.  Educational System of Nigeria - Providing Degrees not Skills

Educational System of Nigeria – Providing Degrees not Skills

Nigerian system of education is 6-3-3-4.this was introduced to replace the 6-5-4 system. The system was designed to bring about functionality by producing graduates that can make use of their heads, hands and hearts, but as far as this country is concerned, it is yet to be actualized due to non availability of materials and funds as well as lack of administrative will.

After reading this piece of write up, students should try devising a means to changing the concept of Educational System of Nigeria individually, because you can only work and change your mentality on how you view education aside the normal school settings before changing others.   

Educational System of Nigeria – Providing Degrees not Skills – Remedy

Educational System Approach – degrees and skills:Educational System of Nigeria - Providing Degrees not Skills

Degrees and Skills: These are diverse in nature as degree is an authenticate certificate that displays that a graduate of a particular university have knowledge of his field of study with the ability to manage and function effectively in her area of specialization if given the opportunity.

Skills enables you to achieve the objective set down and not degree. As we all know that, a graduate cannot survive in this country with only degree. i.e Degree + Skill = Education

Reasons why our universities are producing unskilled graduates with only degrees. 

The reasons below denote why our universities are producing Unskilled graduates just with a degree to show:

  • Nonchalant attitudes of some lecturers.
  • Undergraduates without aims and objectives.
  • Lack of payment by the government sector to the lecturers.
  • Lack of equipment or materials.
  • Nonchalant attitudes of some lecturers: attitudes of some lecturers are nothing to write home about, most lecturers are so lazy to discharge their duties, sometimes they wont show up till the exam day.

Investigations carried out revealed that most lecturers are not qualified, at the end of the day, they will produce a graduate with certificate to show off without any skill.

Educational System of Nigeria – Providing Degrees not Skills – Remedy

Undergraduates without aims and objectives:

Most undergraduates are only concerned about their academic works; reason being that they think skill acquisition is useless and a waste of time which is not suppose to be.

Here, their major aim is to graduate and get a well paid job. Is high time students start thinking beyond graduating and getting a better paid job but think on how to be creative in order to aid the nation not just depending on the government or firm for jobs.

Unemployment: These without doubt is the worst disease the country is suffering most research carried out proved that most of the unemployed citizens are skilled, they have the right skills to carry out or develop undergraduates skills  but these once are yet to be employed.

I think the remedy to this is that undergraduates should be made to understand that degrees without skills are as empty as skills without degrees.

Both must work hand in hand in order to attain success in the country such as ours. Our leaders should also provide the necessary equipment that will be used for skill acquisition and the undergraduates should develop their skills and have down their memory lane that whether their is job or not, they will succeed.

In conclusion

I will like to say that degree is just a theoretical evaluation of an abstract concept which is virtually impossible without the practical concept which is skill. The skill helps one to grow up both materially, financially, and immaterially with respect to the status, importance, social respect and recognition.

Degree definitely has it’s importance, but a person need to have some skill in order to achieve the degree. A complete dumb individual cannot qualify to attain degree, hence degree is the first step in the ladder of skill which leads to success in life.


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