Export Google Calendar – How to Export Google Calendar Data to an ICS File

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Export Google Calender – How to Export Google Calendar Data to an ICS File

Once there is an events stored in a Google Calendar you need to use and share to others an ICS file. Some calendar applications support this format.


It is very easy to export Google Calendar events and it won’t take much of your time to get it processed.

 In as much as you’ve backed up your calendar data to an ICS file, There is a room to import the calendar events straight into another program like Outlook you may also to store the file for backup uses.

Here is how to Import ICS Calendar Files if you need to use an ICS file that someone else exported to you.

Check guide on How to Create a New Google Calendar if you need to share a Google calendar with someone based on of a new calendar with new events.

How to Export Google Calendar Event

With the guide below, you can export your Google Calendar using a computer with the latest version of Google Calendar.

  1. Go and make Open Google Calendar.
  2. If opened, click the Setting menubutton beside the top right of the page the one that looks like a gear.
  3. Then select Settings from that menu. Select Import & export located at the  left side of the page
  4. Here, you can decide to export all of your Google Calendar calendars to separate ICS files at once or export a specific calendar to ICS.
    • For  you to  export all of your Google Calendar data from every calendar, select EXPORT from the bottom right of the page to create a ZIP file containing the ICS files for each calendar.
    • Then to export a single calendar, select the calendar from the left side of the page under Settings for my calendars.
    •  Select Integrate calendar from the sub-menu,
    • Once it’s done, copy the URL from the Secret address in iCal format section.

Exporting a Google calendar has different steps if you’re making use of the classic version of Google Calendar:

  • Choose the setting button from the right of the page
    • Choose setting if the menu displays
    • Make open the calendar tap
    • Finally, choose export calendars to save all calendars to the ICS format.

Hope this was Helpful, Thanks for your Time…

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