Facebook Account Login – How to Switch to New Facebook on your Device

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Facebook Account Login – How to Switch New Facebook Account on your Device

The Facebook Account is an account that is available for all type of browse able device Facebook is used by a whole lot of people for one purpose all the other as a lot of features are embedded in it.

Facebook Account Login

Having an account on the platform gives you free access to login, enjoy the feature on Facebook like; chat, Facebook marketing, Facebook blogging and so on.

Facebook also have a messaging app for easy access to your chat. I call it a chat and business room because with the app you can do a lot of things other than chatting.

Setting up Facebook account profile is a good way to start chatting on Facebook and making new friends, as well promoting your business online.

Using Facebook as a platform can also help individual get into a serious dating on Facebook because, it also serve as a dating feature to find defining relationships. 

Facebook as a social media networking service was launched as on February 4, 2004. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The platform is open for all and used all across the world.

As an account holder, you can decide to delete facebook permanently or temporarily pending on your choice.

Thus, Facebook platform will not be glad any user want to opt out but they still provider a safe and easy option to delete your account once you feel you do not want to be active. Proceed to see how to delete an account

Facebook Account Creation

Here is how to Create Facebook account online using your device

To create a Facebook account:

  • Then enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  • And click on Sign Up.
  • Confirm your account by clicking confirm your email or mobile phone number. here is how to verify your email or phone number ;
  • In order confirm your mobile number, enter the code you get via text message (SMS) in the Confirm box that shows up when you log in.
  • In order confirm your email, click or tap the link in the email you got when you created the account.

Facebook Account Login

Loging to facebook account helps you manage and access your account all by yourself.

In order to log into your Facebook account on a computer:

  • Visit facebook.com. on top under Email or Phone, and enter one of the following: Email address; that you used while generating the account, Your verified Phone number for the account Note; don’t add any zeros before the country code, or any symbols while entering the number. Username: You can also log in with your username, if you set one up.
  • Enter your password, and click Log In.

That’s all. you can reset your password if forgotten

How To Switch To The New Facebook

Are you aware of how to switch old facebook from the new one? If you are not notified about the new Facebook and how to make the switch, you will have to do it manually.

To switch from the old or classic one to the new interface, these steps will guide you;

  • Go to facebook.com on your desktop and login to your account.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow icon.
  • Click on the switch to new Facebook from the drop-down menu.

Once this is done, your account look will change to the new interface. Then, in order to switch to the

new platform on the mobile app, you will have to update your app to a more recent app model.

Deleting Facebook Account

Deactivating your facebook account is temporal and can be regained anytime you want the Facebook Account Delete Option is permanent but does not occur ASAP.

Once it’s done, it’s likely to take 90 days for the account to be fully deleted and within this period, you will be required not to log into the account, if it takes place, the deletion process will be cancelled.

The FB delete option, is It is quite easy to make use of so do not be worried sick on how to get it done regardless of the device you are using whether the Facebook app on your mobile phone or the web version on your computer device.

How to Delete Facebook Account on Phone

Facebook Account Delete Option can be done through the app on your mobile phone and also through the Facebook web on your computer’s web browser.

Here are guided steps to follow to get rid of your facebook account

  • Visit Facebook app once you are there, log into the account you want to delete.
  • There locate and click on the three horizontal lines, which is the menu tab.
  • From the list of options on the page, select “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the “Your Facebook Information” tab and click on “Account Ownership and Control”.
  • Tap on “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Next, click on “Delete Account and Continue”.
  • Enter the account password and Continue.
  • Confirm the process.

That’s how it works!

Following these steps, you can be able to confirm the deletion process of the account.

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