Facebook Account Recovery – How to Retrieve Facebook Account

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Facebook Account Recovery – How to Retrieve Facebook Account

In this article, am going to take you through Facebook Account Recovery, How to recover Facebook account when you lost your password.


Facebook as the number one leading social media internet service provider, is considered one of the largest and famous social networks with over

billions of energetic users, they offers users with masses of remarkable possibilities.

To every account that is been generated whether on facebook or other platform securing ones password is utmost important because it’s like having a key to a door.

Imagine trying to open your house or office doors without its keys is either you will start searching for the keys or doing the alternative.

at the platform, one is getting an account and the opposite is remembering your password.

Some users seem to lost passwords or maybe their account was hacked and they thought that the account cant be recovered and then creating a new account pops into their head.

Facebook Account Recovery

Your account can be hacked or password lost those two could be the reason behind the lost of your facebook Account.

Apart from forgetting your password, there are hackers out there that do hack Facebook accounts. So maybe your account was hacked, you can recover it.

You can recover the account using the account phone number, or alternative email.

Now you know that you can recover your account, but do you have the app on your device you can use the guide to download the app for easy access.

How to Download Facebook App

Downloading facebook app can be done on any browserable device because the app is fashioned for any type of device. Get to download the app using this guide;

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Then enter Facebook into the search box.
  • Select the first one on the result list to open the Facebook Information page for download.
  • Tap on “Download” or “Install”.

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Ensure the guide is properly followed once you are done with the installation, then launch the app on the device to recovery recover account

Recovery Facebook Account

You can recover your account using various means just follow the methods below to recover the account;

Phone Number;

  • Access the login page and select “Forgot Account” or “Forgot Password”.
  • Provide the name you used for the account and select “Next”.
  • On the next screen, different recovery options would be shown. Select the opting of using the Phone number.
  • Confirm the number and tap on the send code.
  • You would receive an SMS with a code, type it on the provided field, and hit on “Next”.

You would be required to create a new password for the account once the code is confirmed right by Facebook. After that, you can login with the new password created.


  • On the login page, select “Forgot Password”.
  • On the recovery page, select “Recover using Email”.
  • Confirm the email and hit on “Send Email”.
  • Check the mailbox and follow the link provided or input the code sent.
  • Create a new password and hit on “Ok” when done.

Ensure you use a stronger password to recall easily…

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