Facebook Dating USA – How to Use Facebook Dating, FB dating app download

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Facebook Dating USA – How to Use Facebook Dating, FB dating app download

Facebook as a platform has always been valuable platform were so many important features are made available for user from all sort of life.


The feature that are provided helps users a lot depending on what they have in mind to achieve which facebook dating is one of them.

So many people who have not known, would want to know if facebook dating is available in USA.

And that is why I have decided to make this post in order to clarify your taught. Before we dive into that, let see what facebook dating is all about.

Facebook dating is a part of facebook where people from various place weather within or outside your vicinity meet to share same romantic interests.

As a result, Facebook dating home is yet to be available for everybody so is very essential to know if the facebook dating is actually available in your area.

Facebook Dating Available In the US

Facebook account users in the USA can very well use the social network as a dating service.

The dating site has been officially launched in the US with the aim to help users who find it difficult to mingle and find a date get one.

Facebook Dating is available in the USFacebook Dating’s US  consists of a few new updates, like safety features and more Instagram integration 

Facebook Dating is within the existing Facebook app, but to use it you need to set up a create a profile

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And for you to access this very feature you must be 18 years of age. If you are, you can now access the suitable features of the Facebook dating home.

Setting up a different profile from your Facebook account is required to be able to access the dating site on Facebook profile.

While on the Facebook dating home, you can choose to match up with friends you already know or people you do not know at all.

Is Facebook Dating Safe?

Facebook dating is made up with a lot of safety features this is to protect the interest of the users…

So therefore, you do not have to be scared when trying to utilize the platform to find a date.

The following below are the benefits that facebook have made available for users

  • Facebook dating, allows you to turn off matching with friends.
  • The feature also allows you to tell a friend or family member where you are going and when they expect you to be back for security sake.
  • This dating feature can allow you to date people from different country.
  • With facebook platform, you as a user can choose to block people from seeing your Facebook dating account and they will still be friends with you on your main Facebook account.

Facebook Dating App

How to Access Facebook Dating US

Facebook dating site can be accessed in the platform but, your dating profile is separate

from your main Facebook, simultaneously some details about you are needed.

Follow the directive below to have access to a facebook dating

  • Visit Facebook app on your device.
  • Then, tap on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on dating. You will be taken to the dating section on Facebook after tapping on Facebook dating.
  • Click on the get started button and follow the instructions that will be given to you.
  • Specify the gender that you are looking for to date online.
  • Specify your location and select a nice photo of yourself.

After you are able to do that successfully, your dating account will be automatically created using your main Facebook profile.

Afterwards, adjust your dating profile to your teste.

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