Facebook Gaming- Facebook Gaming Hub, How To Go Live On Facebook Gaming Hub

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Facebook Gaming- Facebook Gaming Hub, How To Go Live On Facebook Gaming Hub

Facebook have really done great in terms of diversification which fb gaming is not excluded. I am going to elaborate more on the topic of today FACEBOOK GAMING.


A lot of Facebook users are already familiar with Facebook gaming as they are aware that as a user, you can play games via the platform.

Thus, most persons on the other hand are yet to know that Facebook has a place they can play game.

Which is not  really bad as we do not get informations at the same time, there is always a first time in everything.

So therefore, if its your first time hearing this, you are at the right place because you will get to know all concerning the FB gaming and how to go about it.

But if is not your first time, still stick with us to get one or two info that could be of help….

then, the question is what is FB gaming? This entails an aspect on the Facebook platform that enable users play their favorite android and iOS games.

The Facebook game have been available On the platform for quite a time.

Facebook as a wondaful platform always bring out cool features to keep users Upto date making them feel comfortable and and almost get all they

need on things that has to do with  online like gaming, facebook marketing, dating and much more.

With this aspect of facebook can now not only play games on this platform but you can now play games and also share your gaming experience with

other persons who play game too and users on the Facebook platform. Hope is great!!!

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Functions of  Facebook Gaming Hub


With FB gaming, you can play game, stream games live as you play, follow games and streamers or players and also earn while you do so. Yea

those are the functions of Fb gaming hub you can really get the best from Facebook platform

How to Find your Way to FB Gaming Hub?

As a Facebook user, you can easily access this gaming hub on Facebook. But if you don’t have a Facebook account and you must be a registered member to enjoy this offer.

If you don’t have a facebook account, creating a Facebook account is free and easy.

To create a Facebook account, go to Facebook Sign Up and access the feature through your account page.

How to Access FB Gaming on Facebook

Since your account have been created,

And you are logged in your FB account, you will see FB gaming icon on top of your account page, you will see the Click on this icon.

But if you are using classic Facebook, you can locate this tab at the left-hand column of your account page.

Immediately, you click on this tab, you will be taken to the FB gaming platform. better still use this link  .

Facebook Gaming Streaming

Follow A Streamer On Fb Gaming

·  Go to the streamers category on the gaming page.

·  Locate the streamer you like and would love to follow.

·  Click on the follow tab next to the streamer.

How to Follow a Game on Fb Gamming

·  Go to the games category.

·  Find the game you like and click on the add to the games button.

This will add the game to your games section in the left-hand corner

Going Live On Fb Gaming Hub

To go live on the Facebook gaming hub;

·  Go to Facebook Gaming.

·  Tap on the go live button from the navigation bar.

·  Select where you want to put your post.

·  Preview your post with an encoder or a stream key.

·  Provide the information in your software’s settings.

·  Under the post tab, select who you want to share your post with on Facebook. ·

Enter a bio about the live video, and then add titles and tags Under the settings tab choose whether it’s a live

video, game stream or 360 video.

·  Once you are through, select go live.

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