Facebook likes – Get More Facebook Like for Free Using this Method

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Facebook likes – Get More Facebook Like for Free Using this Method

You can actually get Facebook likes for free without having to spend a dime getting free Facebook Likes is pretty simple and can be done without buying all you need is more work.

Facebook likes

This article have you covered on How to get free Facebook likes, at ease. Here, you are going to get a simple  guide that will be helping you achieve that to boost your online presence both business and personal.

Facebook likes – Get More Facebook Free Likes With Embedded Post Rule

On Facebook, you are allowed to embed posts on any web page to do this, grab a snippet of code from Facebook post and embedding it into your post.

Sign in Facebook Via Messenger Lite App

you can make use of these instructions below to login your account;

  • Open the lite app on your android device.
  • If you have a Facebook app or Facebook lite app installed on your device and your Facebook account is logged in, this app will automatically collect your details to use logging you in.
  • If you don’t have the Facebook app or Facebook lite app installed on your device, you can sign in manually by entering the login details; your email address or mobile number and the password on the text box displayed and then tap on “Sign in.
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Guideline on How to embed a Facebook post into a blog post

Kindly follow this instructions below to achieve that;

  • First, find the post you want to embed by either navigating through your timeline or you can even go through your page insights.
  • If you are at insight and the post planner fan page pops up, tap on the engagement, likes, comments and share. You will have to enable the most popular post to appear at the top.
  • Ensure to get the embed code from the Facebook post, tap on the popular post insights. A light box pops up and displays the post and offers additional stats.
  • Then, copy the embed code and paste it into a blog post or anywhere on your website.

Locate Embed Code without Insight

Here is how you can locate a embed code without insight

  • Scroll to any post on your timeline and then tap drop down arrow at the upper right hand of the page
  • Then, tap to see more options and the Embed post, then the code will be given to you from the light box

How those process get you a Free Facebook Likes

  • Once you add a post to a popular blog post it exposes it to a larger audience who were unable to original post on Facebook, again subscribers will also be able to see your post and be more engage in their Facebook Fan page that enables you get free likes on Fb.
  • Embedding Facebook post you will have to trick the news feed Algorithm by enabling users to tap on with that they will take action on your post.

Facebook like button

Here is how to add a like button to your web:

  • Select the URL of the Facebook page you would like to use with a LIKE button
  • Then, copy the URL into the code configurator found here. There you can adjust the width and other setting to your choice.
  • If the button have been customized, click the Get Code button. Code similar to the image below will be displayed.
  • Now you have the code for a like button. Go to your website dashboard and click the Get Found (SEO) button found on the left hand side.
  • Halfway down the page will be a section named Custom <body> tracking code. Insert the first piece of code for the Facebook LIKE button here. Click the Save button.
  • Now go into  Editor Mode.
  • Insert a new Code Block into the Stack where you are wanting your LIKE button to be placed.
  • Paste the LIKE button code that was generated and click Publish.
  • Finally, you have like button on your webpage.

Important: in order to check if the like button is working, view your website logged out or in incognito/private browser mode.

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