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Facebook Messenger is chat app and platform developed by Facebook, it is  a tool used to  interact with friends

  • Facebook Messenger Chat

when ever a message pops in your phone through the chat, you are always notified and  I know at time it disturbs to the extent that you will want to turn it off.

especially when you want to be in a very quiet place at school, place of work, have your quite time.

Here, you may decide to adjust your facebook messenger setting to avoid many distractions.

at times when you are online and get notification informing you that there is an instant message this, lead to interruptions

As a result, if you do not want to go offline there are a couple of things you can do to deprive distractions via messages reaching and notifying you at all times in messenger.

How to Turn off Facebook Messenger Chat Notification

Notifications can be reduces via the Facebook Messenger mobile app. Thus, you can prevent interruptions from Facebook Messenger by turning off notifications. This can only be done within the Facebook mobile app.

To turn of facebook messenger is not difficult all you need to do is

  • First open Facebook Messenger application on your device.
  • Tap on the “Me” icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Tap the “Notifications” option
  • Swipe the “Do Not Disturb” option to “On”
  • You will then be presented with several options which control how long notifications from Facebook Messenger will be turned off. The options are in minutes and hours
  • Tap your option of choice and notifications will be suppressed for the period of time that you’ve chosen.
  • SlitTip:  option you can use this options if you do not schedule time when the notification will be back.
    • ​Go to your device on Facebook Messenger
    • Click on the “Me” icon
    • Tap “Notifications in Messenger”
    • You will see an option each for “Sound” and “Vibrate.” If you’d like to suppress sound, turn that option to the “Off” position. If you’d like to suppress vibration, turn that option to the “Off” position. If you’d like to suppress both, turn both options to the “Off position.” Modifying the settings will suppress sound and vibration until you turn them on again.

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Mute User Conversation on Facebook Messenger

Individual conversations can be muted in Facebook Messenger  both in the app and on the web. Facebook

At times one may want to turn “off” a particular conversation on Facebook Messenger Chat.

Interestingly, Facebook offers way to mute conversation. Here, you will still receive all of the messages in the conversation, but you will not be informed when ever there is a new message.

That is if you mute a conversation it will make your chat remain or even stay  closed.

How to mute individual Discussion on Facebook

Mute individual Conversation Via Mobile App

    • First of all, go to your device and open Facebook Messenger
    • Secondly, find the conversation that you’d like to mute and do not open it
    • Also, swipe left on the conversation which then exposes you to options “More” – clicking on will give you access to block the user sending the message, mark the message as spam, archive the message, or mark it as unread.
    • In addition, beside the “More” option you will see the “Mute” option which clicking on it exposes several options for how long you’d like to mute the conversation for: 15 minutes, an hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, or until you turn it back on

Mute individual conversation via web  

    • Click on the “Messages” icon at the top right of the screen which will display a list of your conversations. Select the one that you’d like to mute and click on it.
    • This will result in the conversation being displayed in the chat window. Click on the gear icon on the upper right side to expose options. You will be able to choose from 1 hour, 8am, Until you turn it back on
    • Finally, tap your preferred option to select it

For you not being able to logout of facecook messenger, there are ways to restrain notification in order not to be distracted. it is also important to turn

your phones off if the procedure above is too long or maybe you are in an important meeting.

Hope this was Helpful, thanks for Reading…

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