Facebook Messenger Kids-How to Create Facebook Messenger Kids-Detail

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Facebook Messenger Kids-How to Create Facebook Messenger Kids-Detail

Facebook Messenger Kid was developed by facebook to serve as a messaging app  for young people.

The messenger app is a free app basically generated for kids between the age of 6 to 13.

Facebook Messenger Kids enables your kids to things like sharing of images, texts as well chat.

This can be done with the contact a parent approve on the device and not from that of the kid if you want to let your kid use it,

then keep reading as you get the necessary information needed for its creation.

Hence, Messenger Kids act in accordance with the government’s “COPPA” rules, as it confines the gathering and utilization of information on children under age 13.

The GIFs, virtual stickers, masks and filters available with the app are restricted to only those included in the Messenger Kids library.

Protection of  Facebook Messenger Kids

In signing up on Facebook Messenger Kids for your kid, you should note that no phone number is required.

Signing up for your child does not portray that they already have a normal account on facebook.

It is pertinent to know that Parents want the interest of their kids at heart as they will want the safety of their kids while interacting.

As a result, with Messenger Kids, Facebook has skillfully wanted to equilibrium the demands of parents having a goal which is to increase usage and users across its social media as well the planet earth.

Thus, Facebook it consulted with the National PTA, child development and online safety experts for help in developing the Messenger Kids app.

Here, messenger Kids is presently obtainable only in the United States, and this makes use for iOS devices (iPhone or iPad).

Facebook alleges its security filters can spot and stop children from seeing or sharing nudity or sexual content.

The company also promises its support team will quickly respond to any flagged content. Parents can provide additional feedback via the Messenger Kids page.

Also, parental controls panel on your Facebook app does not allow you to see when your child chatted nor the content of any messages.

The only way to know that is to review your child’s Messenger Kids activity on their phone or tablet.

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What Parent Must do Before Creating Facebook Messenger Kids for Their Child.

The following below are to be put into consideration and also in place before setting up Messenger Kids for your child.

  • Parents must first approve a contact from within their account, not the child’s Messenger Kids account.
  • If an adult or child attempts to contact your child through Messenger Kids, you receive an alert first on your Facebook app. You must approve this person before your child can respond.
  • One potential issue for some parents is that you must be Facebook friends with any adults you approve for Messenger Kids. Or if it’s a child, you must be friends with that child’s parent(s).

How to Create Facebook Messenger Kids

Creating Messenger Kids is burdensome, though that’s partly by design. Essentially, parents must download the app on the child’s device but

manage contacts and changes on their device. This ensures parents remain fully in control.

To create facebook messenger kid parent must download the app in any smartphone the child is making use of as they will be in charge of the account

To create an account for your child:

  • Download the Messenger Kids app from the App Store, Amazon Appstore, or Google Play Store onto the device that your child uses. Open the app and tap Next
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Enter your Facebook login information and tap Authorize Device.
  • Enter your child’s name and tap Continue.
  • Tap Create Account, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you done setting up your Messenger Kids account, also complete the steps below

  • Tap Take a Photo.
  • Choose a color to decorate the app and tap Continue.

How to Delete Facebook Messenger Kids Account

If you are making use of Android or iPhone device use these guide:
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Tap .
  • Scroll down and tap Messenger Kids.
  • Tap to select the account you’d like to delete.
  • Tap Controls, then tap Edit Info.
  • Tap Delete Account, then tap Delete.
Delete Messenger Kids App via Computer
  • Open your Facebook account on a computer.
  • From your News Feed, go to the Explore section on the left and click Messenger Kids. If you don’t see it, click  See More… and scroll down to find it.
  • Click the account you’d like to delete in the menu on the left.
  • Click .
  • Select Edit Account Info.
  • Click Delete Account, then click Remove.

following those guide above, you can now successfully delete at will without any delay.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time

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