Facebook Messenger Sign out – Guide to Logout of Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Sign out – Guide to Logout of Facebook Messenger

Being an awesome  mode of  connecting with friends and family all over the world, Facebook messenger app makes it more easire and fun to deal with,


to be able to see and get to chat with these folks with a click,  just download the app on your mobile device.

If you are looking forward to get the Facebook app, Facebook official app will help you to freely sign in and out using your device without going through the Facebook platform or website. 

Facebook Messenger Logout

Frequently logging out of your Facebook account makes your  Facebook account safe and secure within any given period.

With the use of  Facebook messenger logout feature, protect your Facebook account from hackers.

To make use of the  Facebook messenger app you will be required to first of all create an account on the platform this is to enable you have free access regardless of the device you are making use of. 

Facebook messenger app is often  available for download and use.  Making use of the  app, you can make use of instant messages, and also make use of

both voice and video calls to any user at any time. All these will be possible when you are online.

Facebook Messenger Download

It is totally free to download but having internet access is required. When there is an active data connection you can do this on almost all device.

See how to download the app using both Android and on iOS

Downloading Facebook Messenger via Androids

·  Visit Google play store on your device if there, locate and tap on the search bar of the device play store and enter “Messenger” into the search field.

·  After that, TAP the search button once the result pops out find the “Facebook Inc.” and tap on it.

· Hit on the install button on the app download page and you might be asked to accept the terms and conditions of using the app.

If you are OK with the terms and conditions of using the app, hit the accept button and the app download process should begin immediately.

After a few minutes, the app should be successfully downloaded and installed on your android device if you have enough space including a data bundle.

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Downloading Facebook Messenger via  iOS

·  Get your iOS device connected to the internet and launch the apple app store on it. The apple app store is the default app store for iOS devices.

·  Tap on the search bar at the top of the app store and enter “Messenger” into the search field.

·  Hit the search bar and wait for your search result. From your search result, tap on the app developed by “Facebook Inc.” and you should be taken to the app download page.

·  Tap the “Install” button and the app download process should begin. However, you might be asked to enter your Apple ID before you download the app. it all depends on the settings of your device.

That is all you need to do to successfully download and install the messenger app on your android or iOS device. You should be aware that this will call for regular data charges.

How to Sign Out of Facebook Messenger 

The guided steps will help you logout at ease

·  Launch the installed Facebook messenger app on your device.

·  Locate by the top left side of the screen your profile picture and tap on it this is usually the menu icon.

·  Tap on account settings from the menu.

·  From the new webpage, tap on “Security and Login”.

·  From your Login Section tap on the three horizontal dot icon on the name of your device.

·  Tap logout

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