Facebook Poke App – Guide on How You can Poke a Friend On Facebook

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Facebook Poke App – How to a Friend On Facebook

Facebook poke is one of the features on facebook platform which help its users send a virtual notice to friend.

Facebook Poke

Thus, the reason of a poke has never been completely made much known.

As there are different meanings interpreted when someone is poked on Facebook. Here, people can poke their friends on FB.

When you poke someone, they will get a notification you might be poking for a thing or another.

The poke on Facebook has been used by a lot of users on the Facebook platform. 

Facebook Pokes – How to Poke Someone on Facebook

With the guide below you can poke someone on facebook

  • Once you open your Facebook account, click on the profile of the friend you want to poke.
  • Then cover photo of your friend, you will see 3 option boxes. Which are “add friend”, “message” and “”.
  •  Tap on the three dots icon that is close to the message icon.
  • Once a menu of options will be displayed, click on poke.

How Can I View “Pokes” on my Facebook App

 For you to check your pokes follow the instructions below

  • Open Facebook on your home screen. The app will open to your News Feed. enter your Facebook account information, then tap Log In.
  • Tap 3 icon  near the top-right corner of the screen, inside a white bar.
  • Then, tap See All at the bottom of the “Apps” list. This expands the list to include other options, including Pokes. If you already see Pokes in the Apps list, you can skip this step
  • Tap Pokes. It has a round blue icon with a pointing index finger. A list of people who’ve poked you appears near the top of  the  list, while people Facebook thinks you should Poke appear beneath “Suggested Pokes.” If “Suggested Pokes” is at the top of the list, you haven’t received any new pokes.

You can tap poke under a friends name to send them a poke. You can send a poke back to someone who poked you, or send one to someone in the “Suggested Pokes” list.

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