Facebook Post Using Desktop Device – How to schedule Post on Facebook

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Facebook Post Using Desktop Device – How to schedule Post on Facebook

to make a post on Facebook is quite easy which can be done via any type of browser able devices like desktop and mobile devices.

Facebook Post

Thus, this Facebook Post include posting of the Images, Text, Videos, content from others ,Blog posts,Podcasts.

Below is how you can make a post on facebook using both mobile device and desktop.

Posting on Facebook Using Mobile Device

The following steps below will guide you do this without much stress

  • First, add a text to your post, you can do this by tapping the text field, after that type in the text for your post.
  • Second, do click a colored circle along the middle of the screen to set a background for your post.
  • Once, that is done, tap “Add to your post”, which is in the middle of the screen. This will pop up the following post options
  • Again, select a post option to add more to the post. This step is completely optional, thus if you don’t want to add more to the post, skip to the next step.
  • Finally, click  “Post”, which is at the top-right corner of the screen. This will create your post and add it to the page you’re on.

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Facebook Post via Mobile & Desktop Device

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/ on any of the browsers you are using
  • Also, go to the page you want to post, be it your page, a Friend’s page, or your page.
  • Then, click the post box collected at the top of the news feed. If the post is for a friend’s page or a group page, the post box can be found below the cover photo
  • Add text to your post, by typing your content into the post box. A colored background can be added by tapping one of the color blocks below the text box.
  • Add some content to your post, by tapping one of the options which include: Check in, photo/video, tag friends and activity, and feeling.
  • Lastly, tap on  post and it’s done

Facebook Post – Facebook Post Scheduler

How to scheduler Facebook posts on Facebook Business Page

Here is how you can schedule future posts for your business’s Facebook Page. For this to be done you will first of all create a facebook business page.

Create a post

Go to the top of your Facebook page’s timeline. There you will see the box where you can create a post. Create a post for your page’s followers to see

Select Schedule

Once the post have been created, go to the drop down button next to Publish and select Schedule. That will bring you to a window that’ll allow you to select a time you want your post to go live.

After that, select a date and time

Now select the date and time you want your Facebook post to post. The time you want to set is completely up to you.

Click Schedule

Click on the Schedule button at the bottom of the window You’ve just scheduled your first Facebook post.

How to Reschedule, edit, or delete a scheduled post on Facebook

Here is what to do when you want make adjustment on your post.

  • Click Publishing Tools at the top of your Page
  • Then, click Scheduled Posts in the left column after that, click the post you want to edit
  • Finally, click Edit to edit the post, or click the dropdown button to choose to publish, reschedule or delete it

times for scheduling correspond to your current timezone.

Hope this was good and helpful, thanks for your time.

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