Facebook Posts – How to Quickly Delete All Old Posts in Bulk – Quick Tips

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Facebook Posts – How to Quickly Delete All Old Facebook Posts in Bulk, Quick Tips

Deleting posts one after the other may seem to be a consuming and tedious process.


With this, Facebook has made it possible for you and everyone else to delete these posts in bulk.

So, if you are part of those who feel there are posts that need to leave your timeline, you should know How to Delete All Facebook Posts in Bulk.

Quick Guide to Delete Facebook Posts in Bulk

Not all post are important,  Perhaps, you just realized that post does not have to be there.

You may also need to get rid of your old social life. Well, so many people out there do want to keep a record of this while others do not.

And if you want to, it is absolutely possible for you to do so.

Facebook has made it easy to delete what ever content you do not want. This is the reason you need to know How to Delete All Facebook Posts in Bulk.

Guideline to Mass Delete Facebook Posts

The following guide can be used to mass delete post on facebook

·  On your web browser, visit the web on facebook.com.

·  Log into your account.

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·  Just below the status update box, tap on “Manage Posts”.

·  Click on “Filters”, which is located on the left side of the page.

·  In order for you to select the posts to delete, tap on the “Square Checkbox” at the top right corner of the post.

·  Then, Click on “Delete Posts” and its done.

How to Delete Facebook Posts from Smartphone

You can delete posts in bulk at a time or all Facebook post in bulk using web version or the app on your mobile phone use the step below;

·  On your mobile phone, open the Facebook app.

·  On the app, log into the account you wish to delete posts from.

·  Beneath the status update box, tap on “Manage Posts”.

·  Next, tap on “Filters” to select from the options in that section. This helps to find posts quickly.

·  To select up to 50 posts, tap on the “Circular Checkbox”, which is on the top left side of the post.

·  Tap on the trash icon and tap on “Delete”.

These steps delete whatever posts you do not want on your timeline.

I believe this post was helpful to you and you can now successfully delete your post in bulk..

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