Facebook power editor – Power Editor for Facebook, power Editor Facebook Ads

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Facebook power editor – Power Editor for Facebook, power Editor Facebook Ads

Power Editor is a way to display your business on Facebook to get to the public eye.

Facebook power editor

The power editor enable  marketer to make their business known on social media platform, with  Facebook on bored,

you have  a huge opportunity of making your business known to all because they have lot of users on the platform.

As a business personnel, you need to consider making use of power editor especially if  you’re running multiples Ads on Facebook, Power editor on

Facebook is an advanced tool that enables business owners  effectively manage multiple Ads on Facebook.

Thus, the feature filled with tool that will be of use while creating and running Ads campaigns and Ad Sets.

Most advertisers on the platform are already recommending the tool over the Ads Manager. 

Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor is known as a bulk Ads management and creation tool that is typically used by large advertisers on the platform.

It can also be used by Advertisers in search of advanced Advertising features.

This editor account might seem a bit complex than the Facebook Ads Manager tool.

With this tool, you get a first-class hold of new Ads format before been passed to the Ads Manager.

Power Editor for Facebook – Benefits of Using Power Editor

There are a lot of benefit attached to Facebook power editor and they include but not limited to;

  • The power editor aids to control or manage the placement of your Ads.
  •  It also help for running unpublished posts.
  • With the Facebook power editor, your are offers good optimization.
  •  Assisting in running Ads on a Time Zone independent schedule.
  •  It is essential for bulk ads uploading.

FB Power Editor Download

Facebook combined all the things you loved in Power Editor and Ads Manager into one powerful feature.

The new integrated tool is what we know as Ads Manager it helps advertisers to choose which adverts style they would prefer.

Combining the powerful ad creation and editing features of Power Editor with the ease of

use and uniqueness advertisers adores in Ads Manager, all added in one tool. 

Power Editor was rolled out though still functional as it maintains its functionality in the new, single however powerful tool from Facebook (Ads manage).

You can go to Ads Manager. Click Power Editor on the left side of the screen. Install the Power Editor and open it. Click “Download to Power Editor at the top.

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How to Navigate the Power Editor – Power Editor

Here is how to access the editor; navigating power editor for you to do this, you can either;

Visit www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor,

Or go to the Ads Manager and click on “Power Editor” from the sidebar.

Start by clicking on the “Download to Power Editor” button at the top through the left sidebar, you can filter by campaigns, ad set or tag.

This tool helps you to search for individual ads at ease if there are much. From the top of the page, tap on Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads to see the ones listed.

The Text in blue ink indicates the selections that are active. Thus, each tab on the page has different options there other things can be done.

Facebook Ads Campaign – How to Set with Power Editor

Once you are of the thought of creating a facebook ads there are some vital things you will need to do like

setting up your campaigns objectives and more. As we go further, you will get the gist.

At the campaign sections, objective of the ad like post engagement or clicks are set.

The Ad set sections, deals with the budgeting, targeting and the schedule for the ad. Lastly, the Ad is the section for the text and image.

Follow the simple guide to set the Facebook Ads

  • Name the Campaign, Ad Set and Ad
  •  Design the Ad the way you want it.
  •  Edit the Ad Set by specifying the budget, schedule, target, placement and bidding for the Ad.
  • Upload the Campaigns, Ad Set and Ad.

Once the Upload has been hit on, it therefore indicates that its good to go live and if it passes the facebook review process,

Then, you will be notified that the Ad has been approved and will be commenced to run according to the Schedule.

Guideline to Access the Re writer Ad

The power editor tool is used for creating and editing ads. That is to say, you cannot access your Ads from the editor.

Once the Ads have been uploaded, then you can access and make changes from the Ads Manager.

Including the Ad, report information can be accessed from the Ads Manager Area.

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