Facebook Profile Lock – How to lock their profiles from non-friends

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Facebook Profile Lock – How to lock their profiles from non-friends

Locking your  Facebook profile account help to prevent others facebook users to reveal much information about your account.


Most especially, users who are not your facebook friends will not be able to comment or react on your profile picture and they will only see a small segment of it. Its actually the right way to secure your account.

Facebook profile lock is a group of collective setting which you might not think that probably matters that helps you secure your account and turn on the Facebook profile lock.

I believe you must have come across something like this on Facebook once. If you have not, then it is best you experience it now.

How to Download Facebook App

Downloading and installing the Facebook app is simple and free and is compatible to all devices an be downloaded on your iOS or Android device.

This is what to do to download, launch the App Store on your device and type in Facebook into the search box. Tap on the first Facebook app to load its information page. Then tap on “Install” to get.

The app would be downloaded immediately into the device. Afterward, you create an account using it or sign in if you already have one.

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Facebook Profile Lock Account Sign Up

The Facebook account sign up is very important as every other thing is this will help you make use of the facebook features.

And also, you can’t use the Facebook platform or own a profile without an account.

Here is a step by step process below  to create an account if you dont have one.

Create Facebook Account via Facebook App;

  • Type in your real name (first name and surname)and select next.
  • Select your date of birth from the options provided, then tap “Next”.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Type your phone number or select to use an email address instead.
  • Create a password for the account and select “Sign Up”.

To complete make sure to confirm the email ID or number with code or email that would be sent confirm and start using your Facebook

How to Make Use of Profile Lock On Facebook

The Facebook profile lock is very simple to set just go to your account settings page.

by clicking on the menu icon and then on the settings tab from the menu display. Once on the settings page follow the tips below;

·  Click on privacy from the settings page.

·  Now set the things there to only you or friends of friends. That way the people who can see your post or interact with you as well as send you a friend request will be limited.

That is how you can use your Facebook profile lock feature. you can limit the people who see your post and so many other things.

You can also go to your about page and set up who can see your profile information.

You can find this page by clicking on the about link on your timeline.

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