Facebook Lock – How to Lock Facebook Profile,Facebook Account Create

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Facebook Lock – How to Lock Facebook Profile,Facebook Account Create

I realize you are trying to learn how to lock Facebook profile so as to make completely your Facebook account profile private on your android mobile, on I phone.


Locking your Facebook profile account help to prevent others facebook users to reveal much information about your account.

Most especially, users who are not your Facebook friends will not be able to comment or

react on your profile picture and they will only see a small segment of it. Its actually the right way to secure your account.

Facebook profile lock is a group of collective setting which you might not think that probably matters that helps you secure your account and turn on

the Facebook profile lock. I believe you must have come across something like this on Facebook once.

If you have not, then it is best you experience it now. This feature is not yet available in all countries.

Facebook Account Create

The Facebook account sign is very important as every other thing is. This is because

you cannot use the Facebook platform or own a profile without an account. use the process below to create your account.

·  Visit the Facebook website with the URL www.facebook.com.

·  Next up, scroll down and find any button or icon indicating you can sign up for an account by clicking it and click on it. If you are using a desktop, you might find the sign up form by the right had side of the screen.

·  Now on the form page which I believe you will be taken to, enter your desired details but make sure they are correct or else you will be blocked rather too soon.

The only thing you have to put that should be known only by you is your username and password.

·  Now click on the next r continue icon depending on your device.

Follow the on screen instructions given to you afterwards and you will have successfully created your account.

All you need to do is add some friends so you can use the platform fully. You can also join groups and like pages to keep the account real and active.

Facebook Lock

The Facebook lock is very simple and you can set all there is to set but the bottom root is to go to your account settings page.

You can do that by clicking on the menu icon and then on the settings tab from the menu display. Once on the settings page follow the tips below;

Here is how to Lock Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

  • Tap the down arrow on the far right at the top of the page.
  • Then click settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Also click security from the menu on the left. …
  • Click Privacy from the menu on the left.
  • Finally, click Edit next to “Who can see your future posts?” and set to Friends.

That is it for using the Facebook lock feature. you can limit the people who see your post and so many other things.

Facebook Lockout

Once your account has been locked wait for at least 96 hrs. Then, try to gain access by following this step to access back; Clear the history, cache, and footprints to get back the access to your account.

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