Facebook List – Facebook Restricted List,Add Someone to Your Restricted List

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Facebook List – Facebook Restricted List, How to Add Someone and Edit Your Restricted List

Can one really add a person on restricted list on facebook? This question is very essential and the answer is provided below just stay tuned and gets the gist as you read through this post.

Facebook List

As a result of including these persons in your restricted listing, he listing, they can’t gain access to view or see the posts you’re making at the account.

Thus, the process is clearly simple and speedy, so if you’re searching forward to knowing how to add someone to restricted listing on facebook,

You are at the right place just calm down and read through this post and do not forget that adding these persons to the listing doesn’t mean you’re

communications with them is restricted as well; you may nonetheless communicate thru messenger.

When you add someone to the Facebook restricted list, you remain friends with them while limiting the posts they’re able to see.

They will only see your posts if you’ve set the audience to “Public” (indicated by the globe icon), if they’re tagged in it or if a mutual friend tags both of you in the post

How to Add Someone to Restricted List

facebook platform is amazing at retain their users or customers they provide a mode of interaction thereby, enhancing communication through friends, and loved ones, co workers and more.

There are a few users who will want not to share your posts with however being a social platform, it appears so unattainable.

However, with the fb confined listing feature, you could add as many persons beings as you need to your list. as an example, you don’t need your

supervisor or boss to peer the posts you publish outside of work, you may absolutely do

this, by adding them to the restricted listing. that doesn’t suggest you’ve blocked them at the platform, thou they wont get to see the post you publish over time.

Facebook Restricted List

The facebook restricted  list is a new tool within the platform that permits users to hide most  users from seeing their posts this can be carried out by including them on your list. 

the account is yours and you get to make a decision who sees your posts or no longer.  they won’t be capable of seeing your posts, but you could see theirs in your newsfeed so making a positive decision matters.

Here, this feature helps to hide the things you don’t wish to share with certain people but since you want to post them.

You can only add someone to the list when you logged in to your account.

Here are some connections you may like to add to the Facebook restricted list;

this new feature may be very useful for folks who desire to share posts or links regarding something without wanting to see unpleasent remarks from friends.

also, the restricted listing is a manner to stay connected with coworker or friends on the platform, without them having to stare at your personal posts.

Here, this feature enables one to hide the things you don’t wish to share with some users .right here are some connections you may like to feature to the facebook restricted listing;

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The people you may find interest to add to your list are; People you do not know, People don’t have any investment in but don’t want to be arrogant by

blocking them, nosy types of family members, friends or colleagues.

Of course, the people you decide to add to the list is your business. But the above are just some examples of people you might probably like to hide your posts from.

Facebook List – Facebook Login

This part is made avaliable because that is what you must do first to get started;

  • Visit facebook.com or use the app from your device
  • Then, enter your correct login details then hit on Login.

Once you have logged in, you can now add those you want to restrict from seeing your posts.

How to Add A Friend or Anyone to Your Facebook Restricted List

Adding someone to your list, does not restrict them from being your friends on the platform but it restrict them from seeing the things you post on your timeline.

Till, you decide to make them public. with the simple guide below, you can add someone to the list:

  • Visit the Friends profile
  • Then to “Friends” at the top of the profile or tap on the “Friends” icon beneath the profile picture.
  • Select “Add to another list” or “Edit Friend Lists”.
  • Finally, select “Restricted”.

How to Edit Your Restricted List

These steps below gives you chance to view and also edit your restricted list depending on what you have in mind. Follow guideline below;

  • Visit Facebook platform and from your profile news feed, navigate to “Explore” at the left menu, and select “Friend Lists” hit on “See More” if is not display.
  • After that select “Restricted”.
  • Then tap on the “Manage List” at the top, and click Edit List.
  • To someone, a friend from the restricted list hit on “X” at the right. Select Finish.

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