Facebook Status Download-How to Download Facebook Video via App

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Facebook Status Download-How to Download Facebook Video via App

Facebook is an very special platform where a lot of activities are carried on on daily basis.

Facebook Status Download

Thus, videos, post and a lot more are often been uploaded on the platform each passing day.

Facebook  users are so much in love with the videos as it helps to entertain them and a lot in return will want to download them for reference purposes . 

Here I have will provided you with  answers to every single question that you have in mind while reading through this post. 

Facebook Status Downloader

The facebook statues downloader is a cool way for you to download Facebook status or posts right on your device.

Hence, as a user can get to download an app that you can use as a medium to download Facebook Status or posts.

Also, you can download it online, by visiting the Facebook status download website. You can use snaptubeapp.com.

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Facebook Status Post

Here are the steps you need to follow to get Facebook status online:

·  Open your chrome or web browser then visit,

·  Now just copy the link of the post or video from Facebook and then post it in the empty box been displayed in the Facebook status downloader site.

·  When it has been copied and displayed then click download to download the post or vide

It will start the download on your device, this is how to download the Facebook status or post online.

How to Download Facebook Video via App

follow this guide below to get it done;

·  Open the app.

·  Now type in the name of the video or post you want.

·  Then from the search results that you have gotten, select the one you wan

·  Once the video fits what you can upload on your Facebook status click on the “download” button.

·  Then, select your preferred video format and also resolution.

·  The save the file to a location on your device and then begin the download process.

That’s how to download Facebook video using the app.

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