Facebook Video Downloader – How to Save Facebook Video

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Facebook Video Downloader – How to Save Facebook Video

You do not need to stress yourself before you get to know alot of things since the internet has made it simple all you need to do is go through Google,


or any browser you are making use of and search for what so ever information you want answers to. 

If you want to know how you can save videos on Facebook, here on this post you will get the full details on how you can get that done at ease.

But before diving into that, lets talk about one or two things about Facebook.

As social networking platforms, it is regarded to be the most fun network platform that is utilized by many.

The platform have vast network of over a million active users the and is open for all to make use of as far as you adheres to the rules governing the platform.

Generally, facebook have help a lot of user in the world at large using most of their features in terms of product promotion, content marketing, chat

and dating and more the features are created to suit the need of active users which boils down to the reason why you are making use of Facebook.

Today’s post is focused on how to save Facebook video. At this point, the media feature like images and videos comes to play.

The video section is a feature on its own making image and videos upload on Facebook is a primary factor of the platform.

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If you have never saved a video before, there would be a time when you will want  to save videos for reference purpose and for this reason, we have made this post on how to save video and on Facebook Video Downloader.

How to Save Facebook Video

If you have always find it difficult to save a video from your facebook page do not worry because you have come to a solution center.

Save via Mobile Device

For you to download Facebook videos to using your device follow these steps;

  • After locating the video you would love to download.
  • Go to options and copy the link of the video.
  •  Open your devices browser and open the link.
  • Long press on the video and the save video options will appear.
  • Finally click on save video.

Save Video With Computer

  • Once you have seen the video you want to download, right click on the video and copy the URL to your desktops browser.
  • Once the video page have opened click on the play icon to start the video.
  • Then, right click on the video and select the ‘save video as’ option.
  • Choose the place on your desktop you want to save the video and that’s all.

Facebook Video Downloader

How to download your video from Facebook without any software use the guided steps below to download any Facebook video from a Page, Profile or Group.

Visit Facebook then go to the page that posted the video and then, click the “Video” tab on the left hand side of your screen. 

Search for the Video

Search for it in the Video tab if you do not have the direct link to the video, and have find video you want to download, click on it to open it. If done, you’ll see the date/time stamp.

Right click on that and copy the link. You can use an Online Website or Extension to download the video from facebook without stress

Visit FBDown.net and then Add the video URL you copied above, paste it, and click download.

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