Facebook Weather – Check Weather Forecast on FB, Weather Update on Facebook

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Facebook Weather – Check Weather Forecast on FB, Weather Update on Facebook

Facebook Weather is cloud-based and it enables one to make use of GPS location and also assists user to know the latest happenings on the weather report.

Facebook weather is a free-to-use feature which is also mobile friendly,

thus, with this, you can get weather update within your surroundings or the world right on your page even though you leave facebook page.

Facebook weather, gives user’s an hour-by-hour weather forecast for the current day with a simple forecast for the next days.

Features of Facebook Weather-Weather Forecasts

The Facebook weather has a lot of attributes as they include the following below

  • It helps its user to get notified in the latest happening like sending notification on the daily weather forecast.
  • Firstly, it is formed to help its users access related information that will be required for them to get as it helps in the understanding of what they don’t know.

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  • The weather forecasts are now accessible to Facebook users globally on both the mobile and desktop platform, and this weather section can be accessed at any time.

NOTE, it can be on default depending on your location, here, you can set it by taping on setting to add new place you are located at the moment.

By so doing, weather report notification can be turned on.

How to take part on FB Weather Forecast

  • First, tap the menu in the app
  • Secondly, tap “See More” then,
  • locate the weather option somewhere beneath Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby, Shops etc.
  • thus, you can also locate a greeting at the top of your News Feed with the day’s forecast, along with a link to the section.

Hence, with the alerts and greetings, weather forecast can now be updated base on the daily and weekly happens.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time

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