Flexible Work Options – Employees’ Mental Health to Improve Productivity

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Flexible Work Options – Employees’ Mental Health, How to Improve Productivity

Flexible work options, there is a lot and more that are yet to be offered by flexible work options as it aid to support mental health.


It is also noted that remote work can as well help reduce stress and most importantly improve productivity of employees this will enable them devote more time to  health and wellness.

Thus, mental health and work are knotted. There is every propensity that work can cause or even aggravate mental health problem.

Flexible work programs are work arrangements where employees are offered a good scheduling freedom on how they will fulfill the obligations with their positions.

Flexible Work Options – Employees’ Mental Health to Improve Productivity

Flexible work options really do have more to offer in supporting mental health at work and quality of life in general.

It is said that, there is a high impact of flexibility of work. Looking at remote work, flexible hours, and reduced schedules as so many individuals will be of the opinion that having a more flexible job would have a positive impact on their healthy life.

Flexible work options can help support employees efforts to improve their mental health and increase productivity.

Here below is ways in which employee wellbeing can be improve to increase productivity that is to say using one stone to kill two birds. Stay with me to the the gist!!!

Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing and Increase Productivity

Modified Working Hours

Letting  workers to choose their own work hours it they would be comfortable with these is because, most workers are good at duties, while others have energy in the evening,

and some simply want to avoid rush hour or pick up their children at a certain time.

giving employees room to choose their hours like working from anywhere from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m is a popular and relatively simple system. 

Introduce Flexible Work Hours to Balance Work & Life Balance

It is important to note that employee well-being is not just being physically healthy it is all about the quality of the life one live there are other things aside of work that gives our lives a whole lot of meaning.

Looking at families, and hobbies and faith goes a long way in getting us fit and it comes with a great deal of time and energy.

Both when we are overloaded with work, and not having time for our personal life, our well-being suffers because of that.

Flexible Work Hours does great thing as it empowers employees to alter their work habits to fit their family needs and personal activity to keep fit.

Thus, when you enable employees to set their own schedules as long as they hit deadlines and deliver results, they feel more like partners than corporate drones and they will put more effort to meet her cooperative goal.

Provide Work Benefits to Maintain well-being

Employer can do a lot by offering employee benefits that help promote well-being. diverse benefits like gym membership, health insurance, cycle to work schemes, or even just discounts on every day shopping.

There has been a big push by employers to offer benefits that support employee lives outside of the workplace.

Offering lifestyle concierge services, for example, is increasingly popular, particularly those services that save employees time or help them organise their personal lives, such as travel and ticketing concierge.

Some employers may even choose to have a dedicated wellbeing portal, whereby they provide access to different related benefits (salary sacrifice,

voluntary benefits and concierge) alongside information and guidance on well-being related topics.

On top of this, certain business are going a step further and providing support in areas that traditionally have not been covered by employee benefits.

Teach employees on financial issue 

It is essential you educate your workers on financial issues as financial well-being is about much more than just cash flow.

you have to helping people at all levels to get a better understanding on things like budgeting, childcare, debt, travel money and wedding planning

and can be integrated with other money saving benefits as part of a broader package. 

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