Gmail Desktop Version – Access Gmail Account via Desktop, Check Details

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Gmail Desktop Version – Access Gmail Account via Desktop, Check Details

Gmail is a free email service provider that is  developed by Google for its users and it can be accessed via mobile device, desktop

In this piece of write up I will be focusing on the Gmail desktop version and how you can get to access to your emails through Gmail via desktop.

Gmail Desktop Version

Aside that, we will also be looking at the Gmail Mail Merge and what it entails. So for you to get the full details on what this article is all about please follow me till the end of this post to get the full gist.

If you have a Gmail account you will agree with that there are a lot of benefits associated with Gmail making use of the Gmail.

With the desktop version you are open with the different features of Gmail.

Here, you can switch to the latest version from the HTML version of Gmail.

Guideline on How to Make Use of Gmail Desktop Version on Your Mobile

Having access to our Gmail desktop account through your smartphone is simple regardless of the kind of device you are making use of.

While using the mobile version its display by default when you visit the site through your device.

For you to have access to more features there you can easily make use of your mobile device to access the Gmail desktop version. This can be done via browser.

Below is how you can access the Gmail account using the chrome browser

  • All you need do is visit via the chrome
  • Once its loaded type in your details your account email address, username or password, and hit the “Next” button.
  • Finally, enter your account password and tap on the “Next” button again.

To use the features of the desktop version, Click on the options in the chrome browser app that provides you with a request desktop site.

Click on it and the Gmail desktop version will appear and you get to use the feature.

Gmail New Account Create

A Gmail account offers amazing features and you can use to access existing email accounts and you can use it to archive old mail or as a backup.

How to Create a Gmail Account

Below is a guide on how to create a Gmail account.

  • Go to Gmail website
  • Click on create a new account.
  • Click on a personal account or business account.
  • On the page that appears. Fill in your first name, last name, username.
  • Create your password and confirm and click on next.
  • Enter your phone number, an alternative email address for account verification.
  • Enter your date of birth and gender and click on next.
  • Read the privacy and terms and click on agree.

You will be taken to your brand new email address and given a welcome message

How to Log Out of Your Gmail Account

This will help you logout from your Gmail account successfully.

  • On the account, page click on your profile icon. Your profile icon is a circle with your first name initial or your picture if you uploaded one.
  • Click on sign out and you will be logged out of the account

You can remove your account through here if the PC you are using is not yours by clicking on remove account and click on the x at the front of the account you want to remove and the account will be removed from the list of saved accounts.

How to Log Out Of Your Account from Your Mobile Phone

Logging out from your Gmail account from your mobile phone is different but also easy.

  • Tap on the Gmail app icon.
  • On your inbox tap on the options menu that looks like three vertical lines.
  • Now on the pop-up menu that appears tap on the upside-down triangle.
  • On the menu that appears tap on manage account
  • Tap on edit.
  • On the option that appears click on remove on the account you to logout from.

You will be asked to tap on the remove, on doing so the account has been successfully logged out.

Hope this Was Helpful, Thanks for Reading….

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