Google Applications – Google Products, List of Google App Software

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Google Applications – Google Products and Services – List of Google App Software

Google Applications are tools and products developed by Google that are used via a network connection through Google platform.


Google products and services include Google Docs, Google Videos, G-Suite, Google Doodle, Google Calendar these helps a lot of brands and business to get shape.

Thus, these applications are provided and as well supported by the same facilities provided by the standard Google platform.

It offers a reasonable percent of the time as well period a machine could do, this is not limited to just management features but there is more to it.

What can you do with Google Applications?

With Google application a lot and more can be achieved making use of it to grow and maybe showcase your business to the world.

  • You can make use of the Google Calender Tool to share of calendars
  • Generate a websites using the tool
  • It can be used for chat feature

Google Application Software 

The google applications tools include:

  • Google Sites: Build a rebost site.
  • Google Chrome: You can use the web browser that enhances a fast and easy browsing experience.
  • Google Calendar: for planning and executing schedules.
  • Google Drive: these are files, your videos, images, sheets, presentations.
  • Gmail (Google mail): this is your normal Google account.
  • Google express – enable you get your shopping done fast and at ease.
  • Google Photos – all your images and videos are arranged and easy to find.
  • YouTube – with youtube you will get to see all that is happening around the globe

How to Download and Install Google Applications On your Smartphone

using your device,

  • visit
  • Search for any of these applications listed above.
  • Click on the application.
  • You will find the “download or install” button, click on it.

How you can Control Apps that can Access Your Google Account

For you to see the apps that have access to your Google account,

  • After that, click Apps with account access under Sign-in & security. From there you get a list of the apps that have access to your Google account.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for reading…

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