Google Assistant Commands – How to Use Google Assistant With Google Maps

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Google Assistant Commands – How to Use Google Assistant With Google Maps

Google map was created by google, as a web mapping service and also a web application which render various services


to its users such as street maps, satellite imagery, route planning for travels, e.t.c

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant built for Android and on iOS. They are both useful differently,

but the integration of Google Assistant into Google Maps enables navigation easier, and safer.

The basic voice commands that Google Maps relied on has been replaced by Google Assistant.

Here, user have control over Google Maps app by voicing “Okay Google” followed by a command.

With that, you can access a ton of Google Assistant features and functionality without ever leaving the Google Maps app.

How to Use Google Assistance in Google Map

Below is how you can make use of google assistance in the map

  • First, launch the app then, start navigation.
  • Voice, “Okay Google.”
  • Once there is four dots icon displayed in the corner of the Google Maps screen, it tells you that Google Assistant is listening.
  • Next ask google assistance to perform a task

You can decide to give google a command: muting voice guidance, altering the route, change destination or ask google to play a song, album, or genre

of music; it will play the music Note; whatever you ask google to do for you will be done without leaving the Google Maps app.

The reason for Google Assistant and Maps integration is to render a good, and robust, hands-free experience when using the navigation feature on compatible mobile devices.

Here, its integration not only provide users to access Google Assistant without leaving the navigation screen, but Google Assistant is also capable

of performing many tasks while the Google M navigation screen remains in some place.

Things Google Assistant can do  

Google Assistant has the ability to perform a lot of functions that would normally demand the user to leave Google Maps.

Google Assistant Commands

ere are some function that can be done by google assistance without you leaving the map:

  • Playing Songs
  • Finding places of interest like a restaurant.
  • Reporting on local weather conditions or weather conditions in other locations.
  • Checking user’s calendar to provide information about meetings and appointments.
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How to Use Google Assistant to Listen to Music

The most important function that Google Assistant integration brings to Maps is the ability to play, and control, music during navigation.

This allows drivers to request a genre, song, album, or artist, without leaving Google Maps.

  • Launch Google Maps  begin navigation.
  • Then, voice Okay Google to activate Google Assistant.
  • Voice play followed by a genre of music, a song, an album, or an artist.
  •  Google Music app will launch with Google Maps navigation reduced to picture-in-picture thumbnail format.
  • Tap the thumbnail or say Okay Google followed by resume navigation.
  • The music will continue to play in the background, and navigation will resume full screen.
  • Say Okay Google, followed by a command like pause music or mute music, to control the music without leaving Google Maps.

Commands You can Give Using Google Assistance Voice Command

  • How’s the weather  – give a brief summary of the weather in another location.
  • Play (music) – plays a genre, artist, album, or song of your choice.
  • What’s the closest Location – give the closest location that fits your request, i.e. “What’s the closest hotel” will provide you with the hotel that is closest to you.
  • Call (name) – places a call to someone in your contacts list.
  • Send a text to (name) – starts a text message to someone in your contacts list.
  • When’s my next meeting? – accesses your calendar and provides the time of your next scheduled meeting.

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