Google Maps New Feature – Google Maps for iPhone & Android Update

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Google Maps New Feature – Google Maps for iPhone & Android Update

Google has released a new update for Google map in 2020 in order to make use of these feature, the software has to be updated on your device.


The tool’s feature was released to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The tool provide current location images as on its updates that means, you will get the latest location Images by making use of the updated software.

The map is updated in a year or three years and you can get notifications when there’s a change in a particular location image by registering for email notifications base on the location image.

New Feature on Google Maps 2020

As the platform celebrates its 15th anniversary, the developer launched this feature. This app was re-designed for easy and quicker use making it less difficult to use.

Making use of this current feature, users will not find it difficult locating some search options.

Here, the problem of Google Assistant integration was resolved by google a user can now find a nearby location to where they are headed to.

on the other hand, aside the existing button, explore and commute buttons that has been in existence, three new tabs has also been added consisting of the contribute, saved and updates tab.

Here, the commute and explore button, you can now access the best close-by locations like gyms, restaurants and landmarks.

Discover the best restaurant, if you need directions with google map.

The Functions of Google Maps App

With the app right on your phone, you can explore the world with the app and get to your destination with no stress.

Google maps can help you do the following;

  • You can locate local events, restaurant and activities with the map.
  • Discover trending and new places around your vicinity
  • Deal with traffic with real-time traffic conditions and ETAs.
  • Users can create a list of their favorite location and share with others.
  • With offline maps, you can navigate and search without a network connection.
  • The app will help you access street view and indoor imagery for businesses and more.

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Google Maps New Feature – How to Download Google Maps App

Here is how to get the app on your device just through your phone store.

  • Open the play store or app store and search for the app.
  • Click on the app on the result screen.
  • Navigate and tap on the “install or get” button.
  • Launch app start making use of the new features

Google Maps Update On iPhone

In order to get and enjoy the current features of this software there is a need to get it updated on your iPhone or iPad the guide below will aid you.Visit the home screen of your iphone

There, look for the Google maps app and then, tap to launch it. After that, scroll to your profile or initial and click on it.

Click on the “settings” widget. Go to “about, terms & privacy” field.

The software version will be seen next to “version” once it still runs the old version, proceed to update it.

With that, you have updated the old to the latest version.

Update Google Maps on Android

Updating the software on your Android device can be done via, the Google play store to get the new version, follow the guide below;  open the app

  • Head over to your profile page and tap on the “settings” button
  • Then, navigate to “about, terms & privacy”. You will see the version of the app.

To update to the current version, do this;

  • Open the play store
  • Click on the menu button.
  • Tap on the “My apps & games” tab.
  • If Google maps app is among the list of apps that needs an update, click on the “update” button.

Using this guide above, your device will be updated instantly.

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