Google Pay App – Google Pay for Android, How to set up Google Pay on your Device

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Google Pay App – Google Pay for Android, How to set up Google Pay on your Device

If you are freaked out to always taking your cards with you when ever you are going out to get something  and want to know what easy means to use


in order not to carry your card  along, it might interest you to know that having payment app on your mobile device could help you achieve that within seconds.

Do not worry because G-pay will just proffer a solution to that. Google pay is a contactless payment system, because of this, in this post I will show

you in details what Google pay is for those who does not have an idea to what the system of payment is all about.

But if you know about the app still not to worry just go along with us because you can still grab one or two things.

The app is designed to let you pay for things and track purchases with the use of your phone.

Here, both Android Pay and also Google Wallet are integrated in G-Pay they are part of google play.

With the app you can carryout the available transactions, like pay in stores or send money to friends, using G pay. 

Google Pay App

The app is acceptable in the US, india and some other countries but not in all countries.

Setting up this app can be done using android device before you can make use of it.

The device you are to utilize will have to be of standard to meet up with android phone software.

This payment system is only supported in Android devices. Android pay referred to as Google pay is a full mobile payment system.

It lets users purchase items and other forms of services online and in person. This form of payment system is called a contactless payment system. 

This means that all you need is the app installed in your android device. On this app, your credit, debit or gift cards will be stored.

 And from there you can now be able to make purchases and other forms of business in platforms that support contactless payments.

All you need to do to pay successfully with this app is to place your device over a contactless reader and that’s it! You are done.

Google Pay App Download

How to Set up and Download Google Pay on Your Device

Check for google pay app using your device, it is preloaded on some android phones OS watches if not there download and install

via Google play, open the app and add a credit or debit card using the card tap,

tap get started if it’ your first time, then choose a payment method to add the enter your details after that, you will be verified with email or sms then,

unlock your phone and tap to use google pay at any contactless payment terminal

What Can i Use Google Pay for?

Add your card information make use of it:

  • Tap and pay to make purchases with your phone
  • Purchase an items in apps and on websites 
  • Fill in forms automatically on Chrome
  • Buy Google products.
  • Send money to friends and family.

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