Google Play Books App – Google Books, How to Download eBook from Google Play Books

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Google Play Books – Google Books, How to Download eBook from Google Play Books

Google Play Books was launched in 2010 it was, formerly Google eBooks, this is an eBook digital distribution service operated by Google, part of its Google play product line.

Google Play Books App

One can easily upload EPUB or PDF books and documents into the Google Play Books and store the books in your cloud for later use on any supported device.

E-book platforms such as Google Play Books provide increased flexibility by enabling you to read professional development publications right on your iPhone. 

Google Play Books App

If you’ve purchased eBooks from Google Play, you can read them on your Android and iOS devices using the official Play Books app.

though, a lot of users might prefer reading ebooks on e-paper displays instead of the regular LCD or OLED screens.

In order to read Google Books on your iPhone, you must have a Google account and download the Google Play Books app.

For you to get the Google books you will need to visit the Google Play Books website.

Although, a lot of users might prefer reading ebooks on e-paper displays instead of the regular LCD or OLED screens. here is how to download the play book app

Google Play Book Free

If you want to get the Google Play Books reader app it is is available for free on the Google Play Store.

And the book bought  can be read on a dedicated Books section of the Google Play website,

via mobile app available for Android and iOS devices, and through the use of a Google Chrome web browser app. 

How to Download and Install Google Play Books App on iPhone

To download the app follow the guide below;

  • First, create a Google account if you are yet to.
  • Then, tap on the “App Store” icon on your iPhone and enter “Google Play Books” into the search field if you do not have the Google Play Books app on your phone.
  • After which you will use the prompts to download and install the app. Your iPhone must run iOS 4.0 or later.
  • Launch Safari on your iPhone and navigate to the Google Play website. Enter your payment information and purchase the books you want to read, which automatically appear in your Google Play Books app on your iPhone.

How to Make Use of Google Books,

You will also know how to download books and  read books. In whatever formats that you want.

You will definitely need the following things to upload your books to Google Play Books.

Google Books

The google books program was formally called Google Print when it was introduced in October 2004 .

In December 2004 the “Google Books library project” that processes the works in the collections of library partners was made known.

This is a service formed and developed by Google, which searches accross the full contents of books and magazines that Google has processed.

The providers of this books are either authors or publishers using  the Google books program or by Google’s library program via the project of the library. To locate the platform, visit “”.

Google books users are allowed access to view full pages of books that appear in the search results.

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The program has gone a long way to pave way for the largest internet body that promotes knowledge.

How to Make Use of Google Books

On Google Books, you can find and read magazines and books. Also, you can download them, you can cite these books and even translate them.

Some of the books found on our Google system are provided by publishers, while others are processed as part of the Google Library Project.

Guide to Read Books and Magazines

  • Visit Google books page via
  • Then, sign in using your email address and password. after that, find titles of books, authors of books or keywords using the search space
  • Then, click on a book, and see the basis about the book.

How to Download a Book

Users are allowed to download books and magazines for later use.

  • Access Google books page on
  • Fill in the title of a book, the author or a specific keyword to find the book once you have find the book, click on it.
  • Then at the upper left side of the screen, click on eBook-free then close to “download”, click on EPUB or PDF.

Google Play Books Upload

There is a need to login to your gmail account preferable using Chrome,Firefox or any Modern versions internet explorer.

  • Login with
  • Click on the Upload, at the upper right corner of your screen. A window then appears.
  • Drag the files from your computer hard drive or you can click My Drive and navigate to the books or documents you wish to upload.

with that, you have upload Google Play Books simple right!

Google Play Books Download

You can download the playbook from your Google play store using the instruction below;

  • Visit the books store on
  • Then the store, click on Shop for Books, click on it.
  • A list of books will be presented to you on the next page. Click on any book that you wish to download on the next page, click on Ebook.
  • You will find the price of the book there you will have to add your payment method and make your payment to proceed.

That’s it!!!

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