Home remedy for removal of your sturborn pimples and scars

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Home remedy for removal of your sturborn pimples and scars

pimples have become a parasite to human beings i will say that all human beings living on have a stage when they serve as a host to pimples.

 In our socialbworld people say that it some times caused when you dont have sexual intercause for long; when enegage in sex it shows of.

Now lets look to biological or scientific account of what causese pimples. Occure when the sabacious gland is blocked or infected, progressing to swelling red lessuons filled with pus.

Pimples is also caused by puberty, or hormeone changes; but remember that pimples can occute at any stage.

Pimples occure mostly in adolecent stage their is no enough prove to confirm which type of food that causes pimples,but increase in food nutirients can help reduce the risk of getting it.

Acvording to pimples occurenece in human body we have it types and where they occure.eg are: white head, black head, Pustles,Papules,Nodules,Cysts.

The black head: this are clearly seen on the body surface due to this property it called (open comedo),; they are dark or black which depends on the melenine structure of the body.

Do not allow people to deceive you because some people conclude it is beign dirty which may provoke you to the hard scrbbing of your body surface.

White head pimples: this called closed comedo because the appear under-neath of the skin.

Papules: it is is a small pimple that appear in rounded form that bust out of the skin they mostly pinm in colour.

Pustles: this pimples are clearly vissible onthe surface of the skin, they are based on red colour and with a small pus on top.

Noodles this is a type of pimples that are painful and they are embeded dip in skin and also larger in structure.

Cysts: this is a type of pimple that causes scar and they are painful, containing pus on it.

Home remedies i recomend for to chase away your sturbon pimples and its scars:Use of tooth paste your mifht be suprised why i said this but it works just try it and comment back;

first rub the tootpast on the afected areas if it is on the face rub it on the whole of the face  then allow it to stay upto 10 minutes or more than but it shouldn’t be less than.Then use a warm water to wash it out.

Note: you have to take this procedures upto one week then give me you result in the comment box below.

Hope this was helpful….

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