How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign – Facebook Ads Manager App

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How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign – Facebook Ads Manager App

Looking for how to booste your business on facebook platform? Facebook


ads is a good way to get that done the  manager account is just the best for

you as it aid its users with the desire to advertise on the Facebook platform. 

With ads manager you can very well  manage your Ads with the use of Ads Manager.

And then to use the service, you need Ads Manager account and setting up the account is not difficult at all.

As you read on, you will learn How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign and more.

Facebook Ads Manager Account

Facebook ads manager account denotes a tool used managing the post you have on Facebook and your ad accounts.

Using your ads manager account, you as a user can confidently track the ads made on page and also manage them.

Managing your Facebook ads manager account is totally different from managing Facebook personal profile.

With this feature, you wouldn’t have to be bordered about having to mix your business contents to your Facebook personal content not at all.

It’s Essential to Create an FB ads Account When you experience the following bellow,

·  Decide to create an account if your business ist’nt functioning with the marketing team as it ought to

· create an account if there  are too many assets to manage.

·  If you work directly or indirectly with Vendors.

·  If you want your business to expand using Facebook  platform.

·  Create it to keep need to keep the business secured.

How to Create Ads Manager Account on Facebook?

To get started, you would need to create the Manager account, via then use this guide below and set it up

·  once you visit the platform, click on Create Account.

·  Enter your Business name and then, click on Continue.

·  Type in your name and the business email address you want to use in managing your business on Facebook ads Manager Account, click on Finish.

·  Add the business pages you have on Facebook.

·  Add the Facebook Ad account or you can create one.

·  Then Add people that will help you to manage your Facebook assets.

·  Connect the business partners or the Ad agency that you are working with.

·  Add an Instagram account if you have any.

Once you are done with this process, the Dashboard will be displayed, and then set up the Facebook Pixels.

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Facebook Ads Manager App

With the  Facebook Ads Manager app your businesses are connected with ad performance not minding your location.

The FB Ads Manager App enable you to create and track Facebook ads from your mobile device with powerful and efficient mobile tools at ease.

You can create and as well, publish ad images with text, shapes, logos, stickers, filters, templates to have access to the app visit

Facebook Ads Manager Login

To be able to manage and have access to your facebook account you need to secure your account details that was utilize in the process of creating your

facebook account because you will also use that same account to create your

Access your Facebook Ads Manager account online, visit this link and login then you can start creating your facebook ads campaign without stress

How to Create An Ad Account

Using these essential guideline below, create a Facebook ad account from your Business Manage account with these simple steps

·  Make open your Ads Manager Account and click on Add New and then Ad Accounts.

·  Then click Add new.

·  Fill in the ad account name, advertising on behalf of, the Time zone of the region you are, the currency being used in the region and then the payment method you want to use for the ad account.

·  Click on Create Ad Account.

·  Add and assign four persons to a role on the Account and hit on save changes.

The account will be created and you can then head to create your Facebook ad.

Facebook Ads Reach Objective – How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign with Reach Objective

To create an ads on Facebook pretty simple, Facebook provides you with targeting objectives you can set for the ad.

To create a campaign follow the guide below:

  • To Create a campaign via Ads Manager. Check that you’re in the Guided Creation workflow. If you’re not, click Switch to Guided Creation in the top-left corner of the page.
  • After which you will select the Reach objective.
  • Then enter your Campaign Name and click Continue.
  • Set your Audience. To use location targeting, enter your business address to the right of Include. Adjust the radius around the location with the slider. Choose an option from the dropdown menu to include or exclude people who live in or are visiting that area.
  • Select Add Locations in Bulk if you have multiple stores and don’t want to enter a long list of addresses. You can also use the store traffic objective.
  • Enter any Detailed Targeting you want.
  • Choose your Placements.
  • Set your Budget and Schedule.
  • Select Show Advanced Options to set Optimization for Ad Delivery. Choose Reach from the dropdown menu to a show your ads to the maximum number of people. Choose Impressions to show your ads to people as many times as possible.
  • Set your Frequency Cap to limit how many times you want your ad to be shown to the same person and how often.
  • Choose Automatic bidding or set a Manual bid amount if you know how much you’d like to pay per 1,000 impressions.
  • Select Continue.
  • Select your format. Choose from image and video ads, carousel ads and slideshow ads. You can also add an Instant Experience.
  • To add a map card with directions to your business, choose the carousel format. Then go to Images and check the box next to Add map card with your page location.
  • Fill in Text, Headline and Destination URL. You can also add a call-to-action button.
  • Click Confirm when you’re ready to publish your campaign.

The campaign would be made  been reviewed by Facebook. You can monitor the progress of the ad from your Ads manager account dashboard.

Guideline to Bulk Upload Targeting Locations

In the case you wish to target to many locations, it may be quicker to import them from another source via copy/paste to save input time. Visit Audience and,

  • Click the Choose one dropdown and choose the type of location you want to target
  • Paste the properly-formatted text you want to use
  • Check to see how many of your locations matched
  • If satisfied, click Add [#] matched locations

How to Create a Custom Instant Experience

At this point, there are somethings that will be needed to be considered before creating a custom instant experience.

you will first of all decide what sort of experience you want to create for people, then the creative assets like the images and videos you already want

to use and finally, Learn how to use components in the Instant Experience Builder.

How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign – Creating a Custom Instant Experience

  • Visit the Ads Manager
  • If there already, click on Ads
  • After which you will click +Create
  • Choose your ad’s audience, budget and schedule and click Continue
  • Select your ad format – carousel, single image, single video, slideshow or collection. Note: If you choose the collection format, you automatically select fullscreen Instant Experience and may skip the next step
  • Check the box for Add an Instant Experience
  • Click Build a custom Instant Experience
  • Give your Instant Experience a name, select the components you want to add and how you want them to fit a mobile screen and click Save
  • To name your components, hover over the component name (e.g. “Photo”) and click . Rename the component to remember it later.
  • To see your Instant Experience or have someone else preview it, click Mobile Preview and select Preview on Facebook, Preview on Instagram or Share
  • Once you are click Finish

I hope with the information gotten so far you are now able to create a a Facebook ads Campaign since you now know How to Create Facebook Ad Campaign with the above guide. Thanks for your time…

If you find this write up informative, please do not forget to share using the share button. Sharing is Caring!!!!

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