How to Create Gmail New Account – Create Gmail Group Account

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How to Create Gmail New Account – Create Gmail Group Account

For those who want to create an Gmail account and don’t know how to, in this article, you will learn how to using the steps on creating Gmail account and have mails sent to the inbox.


This is the simplest account to create to compare to some other email services that you will find on the net.

You will agree with me that before creating an account with most email services that there are lots of processes that will be needed, but with Gmail, creating and setting up your account and your inbox can be done within seconds.

Interesting right? This is a simple guide on how to create your own Gmail account so just follow the post as I walk you through the learning proper. But before we begin lets see what Gmail is all about.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is one of the biggest email service provider created and owned by Google and is well know and popularly used by people all over the globe.

Creating an account on Gmail is free and easy to create, and nothing is required or needed for its creation except for some details not money.

With the account, you are allowed to receive and send emails via the internet it has an a mobile app which is totally free and easy to download and make use of. Sending messages with Gmail is secured.

The following below are things you can benefit from making use of Gmail

  • Gmail helps you to organize replies to conversations.
  • A user can chat using the chat feature on the service.
  • Gmail has filters, labels, and clothes.
  • The most popular email accounts can be signed in using the Gmail app.
  • Gmail is very spacious.
  • Users’ security and safety are sure.
  • Gmail is free to use and from spam.

Those and more are the benefit of making use of Gmail but you can only access the platform when you have created an account with them. Here is how you can do that below;

Functions of Gmail

Once you have created an account on Gmail you have a Google Account you are given access to Google products. With your Gmail account, you can do things like;

Trust me, you can do a whole lot and just by generating an account on Gmail.

Thus, when you creating your Gmail account, some of your personal details will be required and it is essential you provide accurate information for security purpose.

How to Create Gmail New Account

In order to start making use of the services that Gmail offers it is very important to create an account if you are yet to have one.

Once you have signed up for Gmail, you automatically own a Google account which the username and password can be used to sign in other Google products.

 Now, here’s how to create a Google account and sign in to Gmail;

  • Visit google account page via or open the app and tap on “Create Account”.
  • Enter your first name and last name on the text boxes provided and choose the username you’d lie to use. That will be your Gmail.
  • Type in a password and confirm and then, hit on “Next” enter your mobile number and select next.
  • Google will send a verification code to your number, provide the code on the field for it, and hit “Verify”.
  • You can include a recovery email which is optional, select the date of birth and your gender, then select Next.
  • Agree to Google Privacy and Terms of Use to commence.

Then, you are done. To login to Gmail and access your inbox, use the username (email address) and password and you will be sign in.

How to Create Gmail Group

To do this, visit Google contact list and click ”Contacts” ”Frequently contacted” or Directory” once done, select the contact you will want to be added in the group.

Thereafter, select the Label icon and hit on ”Create Label”. Name your label and type your group’s name in the recipients box to send email to them and its done.

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