Linkedin Account – Upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn Account

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LinkedIn Account – Upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn Account

Linkedin Account – in creating this account, you are set to come in contact with the world’s professionals, as it has millions of users.

How to Create Linkedin Account

Here, LinkedIn grows rapidly, as it aims to connect the world’s professionals to enable them to be more creative and triumphant in their field to achieve their individual and collective set up goals.

Linkedin Account – Upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn Account

As I said in the previous post that LinkedIn has two plans which consist of a free and Premium LinkedIn Account.

Here, you will find out that a lot of people does fine with a free account, thus, if you want to use LinkedIn and all of its most advanced features

It is good to upgrade to premium because it enables to explore the platform, as you will note some various advanced search functions as certain features aren’t available to free users to me I would prefer Upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sign Up 

As a result, LinkedIn, has been regarded as being, the top online directory of professionals and companies as most companies make

use of this network for professional purpose in creating awareness, job search, career building, etc.. a lot and more can be done with LinkedIn.

Hence, we hereby advice fresh graduates and job seekers to create an account with LinkedIn as they stand the chance of being

employed since employers, makes use of LinkedIn, to  hire job seekers, so it is good for your presence to be on the platform as the site is always in use for such a purpose.

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Below are the essential benefits of utilizing LinkedIn Account which I know this would convince you to create an account.

First of all, the LinkedIn platform has recruiters and human resources professionals. As said earlier once signed up, you are at the chance of being hired by recruiters.

Secondly, It enables you to quickly update your online resumes, it enables showcase your skills, and write up a recommendation

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With LinkedIn, one can connect with professional groups, as there are thousands of online groups, which helps professionals, to network within their respective niches. In addition, it can be used to establish your expertise.

With LinkedIn, you get to know who views your profile. You are also updated, by reading news from your connections be it news, tips, and updates.

Other businesses, can be researched, as LinkedIn has a lot of companies on its site

How to Create Linkedin Account – LinkedIn Sign Up

  • First, go to the LinkedIn sign up page
  • Secondly, type in your  first and last name, email address, and a password
  • Again, click on “Join now” tab
  • Lastly, finish registration as displayed.

Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time.

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