How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook – See Guide

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How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook …. this is a social network service that help you find old and new friends within and outside your environs. As a result, this can be used to create events, group and pages.How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook

Facebook is found to be in three segment which include work, college and also high school to be a member in the three sections listed so far, you need to use your work details and register, while for school and college you need to be in them.

Upon finishing this write up, you will be able to know the following; How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook

How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook – See Guide

Guide How to  Create a Facebook Account

Signing up Facebook account is quite easy all you need is internet access, a browse able phone, or a computer. Once you have those follow the instruction below to get that done without stress

  •  First of all enter your name on FB register page
  • Secondly, scroll down to where you enter your email address
  • Also enter your email address
  • Again type a password that you will use to log into Facebook
  • In addition, enter a  word in a box into the next space.
  • Furthermore, select the type of network you want to join: high school, college, work. If you choose high school then you need to enter some other details like your school name and birthday
  • Also, agree to the terms of service then click once is done,
  • Finally, register Now.

How to Confirm email Address For Facebook

you need to confirm email address on Facebook to do this,

First of all go to your mail and find the email sent from facebook

Click on the link in the email to continue registering.

Note: Facebook Security choose a security question and answer the question. This is for your own security so no one else can get your password.

 Adding Profile Photo on your facebook

Upload Your Facebook Profile Photo.

  • First, tap on the link that says “Upload an image”.
  • Secondly select the photo you want to use from your computer by using the “Browse” button.
  • Also certify that you have the right to use this photo and that it is not pornography.
  • Lastly, tap the “Upload Picture” button.

How to Add Facebook Friends

follow the procedure below and find new friends on facebook

Tap the  “home” link at the top of the page to go back to the set up page.

  • Click the “Add education” link to start finding your old classmates.
  • Once is done, add the name of the school you want to add and the year you graduated.
  • Add your high school name.
  • Finally tap”Save Changes”.

How to Meet Facebook Friends Online With Facebook

Guide to change Contact Email

Change Facebook Contact email.

  • Again click the “home” link at the top of the page to go back to the setup page.
  • Click where it says “Add a contact email”.
  • Add a contact email address. This is the email address you want to use to have people contact you.
  • Click the button that says “Change Contact Email”.
  • You will now need to go to your email and confirm your email address.
  • From this page you can also change other things. Change your password if you want to, security question, time zone or your name.

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