SMS Organizer- How to Organize your SMS on your Device, Details

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How to Organize your SMS on your Device – SMS Organizer

In today’s write up I will be walking you through all you need to know about the SMS Organizer, so if you are seeking for or looking for an SMS organizer then, this piece of write up is basically for you.


Before we begin, lets briefly look at the what the SMS Organizer entails. This organizer is from Microsoft designed for Android devices.

The SMS organizer aids in the organizing your inbox, set reminders, also can help keep track of your expenses all this functions requires no stress.

What is SMS Organizer

The SMS organizer is a free app created to enable users have a focus on the essential SMS. With this  you to automatically sort out your messages.

The application uses machine learning to automatically sort out messages and then organize them into separate folders.

By so doing, all the spam promotional SMS messages that you will receive will be filtered into a promotional folder. While the real messages will be located in your inbox. Isn’t that interesting and less stressful for all?

The developer, Microsoft also generates a contextual reminder in your SMS for things such as trains, flight, movie booking, and many others.

There’s so much you can do with the service; however, you need to actually have the app to experience it.

Functions of Using The SMS Organizer

Here below are the functions of the SMS organizer and what it can enable you do;

With the SMS Organize you can organize our SMS messages inbox will be cleaned by categorizing your SMS into important and promotional categories using ML models and place in various folders.

Smart Reminders: The app will remind of an upcoming event, travel, movie, and also bill payments. That is done by using the information in the SMS through timely reminder cards and notifications.

There are a whole lot of its functionality

Benefit of Using SMS Organizer

Here, while making use of your device for shopping, ordering, or maybe paying bills, you can use the SMS organizer to get the best offers from your SMS inbox in one place.

Type with your voice: you can actually save your time by composing SMS by speaking into the mic.

Smart assist for tasks: with the app, you can check PNR status, flight status, and many others you’d like to do.

Forward bills to contacts: with SMS Organizer, you can share your bill with your contact to remind them to pay on time.

Save your device battery with dark theme: the dark theme is not just for saving your battery, but for when you are making use of the app in the night.

SMS Organizer works perfectly fine offline, so you can use it whether or not you have a data connection.

Personalize your interface as you want, its all yours to customize and make the changes you want.

There are so many reasons you would want to use the app, but the above is just some of the reasons. Now, let’s look at how you can download the app into your device.

Guide to Download SMS Organizer

The app is available for you to download on Google Play Store that can be done through Android device. It is fast to get, simply follow the instructions below to get it;

  • Open Google Play Store and use the search and enter SMS Organizer.
  •   From the result of the SMS apps, tap on the SMS Organizer to load its information page.
  • Once the information page is loaded, tap on “Install”.

With a good internet connection, the SMS Organizer will be downloaded and installed without wasting much time. Once is down, the next is to launch the app, follow the on-screen instructions, and then start making use of it.

Hope this was Helpful?

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