Facebook – How to Set and Delete Facebook Reminders

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Facebook is a social media network, used by its users to interact or communicate with friends using things like free video and voice calls and facebook Messenger (Chat) this is done for effective communication.

Thus, if your setting allows, you know that Facebook informs you when there is an instant message if not, you will get to know about the message when you open the website or app.

You may quick look at them and decide to respond later, but you’ll need to remind yourself that you have “seen” a conversation’s latest update in Facebook Messages and you are yet to reply To indicate this, Just mark the chat as Unread.

As we rid on, you will get to know how to mark your chat as Unread, and also how to set up a facebook reminder as well delete it

Facebook Reminder – Facebook reminder acts as an essential service tool for creating reminders. This feature can come in handy at times because it can concurrently send out a reminder to everyone who is involved in an event.

How to Set and Delete Facebook Reminders – Guide to Mark your Facebook Message as Unread

Marking FB message as unread is dependent on where you access your Facebook from either from mobile app or computer device…

Mark your Facebook Message as Unread via Website

  • Firstly, open Facebook on your laptop computer.
  • Secondly, tap the Messages icon in the top right corner of your screen this displays the messages received recently from friends.
  • To the right of each person’s name, just beneath the date of the message, is a small circle. Click the small circle to mark the thread unread. If you don’t see the message thread you are looking for, click See All in Messenger at the bottom of the screen that lists your recent messages.
  • Click on any message thread to display a gear.
  • Finally, choose Mark as Unread its done

 Create FB Reminder

Guideline to Create FB Reminder 

  1. First, tap to open the Facebook Messenger
  2. Second, select the conversation for which the reminder is to be created
  3. Lastly, the icon at the top-right of the conversation to gain access to the chat settings.
  • iPhone users can simply tap their names at the top of the screen to view the chat settings
  1. Choose the “Set an Event Reminder” option in the list to create a reminder
  2. Set the “Date and Time” of the reminder in the pop-up window,
  3. Click OK to create it
  4. Click the “Reminder’s date” to proceed to the detail view of the reminder
  5. In the detail view screen, you are enabled to set the name and the location of the event if you desire
  6. Once the condition of the event is met an automated message to the conversation to will be sent to remind people.

Tips to Delete FB Reminder

You may wish to remove reminders, you can use notification setting to opt out

  • Sign in with your FB account
  • Tap the “Account” link.
  • Tap  “Account Settings” from the drop-down list that pops up.
  • Click “Notifications” from the menu on the left side of the page. The “.Notifications Settings” page pops up go to the “All Notifications” section of the page.
  • A list of all notifications types pops up, each with a checkbox next to it. Notifications you are subscribed to will have a check in the box, either under the “Email” or the mobile column
  • Tap the checked box close to each notification type you wish to remove.

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