How to Start a Family – Preparing to Start A Family – Details

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How to Start a Family – Preparing to Start A Family – Details

Deciding to start a family is a hard decision to make but it’s outcome is rewarding, it can be money and time consuming and their is no guarantee of success.How to Start a Family - Preparing to Start A Family

How to Start a Family – Preparing to Start A Family A leading psychologist Carl Picahardi said that relationship can be testing enough, though a

significant goal in life for many is having kids,they do complicate matters, so it’s good to make sure that having children is the right thing to do.

He gave four key factors that’s a determinate to know when people are ready to start a family. Feeling an intense feeling of love and care which drives people to reproduce

Solid partnership: when you raise your kids with another person, you are going to know him/her better.

The ability to take care of oneself: parents shouldn’t self sacrifice to the point where they feel that their child is tyrannizing their lives other wise

they will end up feeling resentful to their child(ren),kids are important and your body is also important and must be taken care of.

How to Start a Family – Preparing to Start A Family

Self discipline: you need to have an adequate work ethic before having a family, with hard work and lots of efforts you are good to go. According to research,these are steps considered before starting a family.

Assess your maturity level: being an adult is not assess through your age alone but also your emotional, intellectual development.

You must be prepared to put the need of others before your own and willing to make sacrifices when required, you must be able to take care of yourself and not depending on your parents, grannies, uncles and Aunts.

That doesn’t mean that they will not support you in your time of need. Are you in a stable relationship?

There are successful single mothers and fathers but your sure bet for success, happiness and well being is gotten from love, compassion, and support from spouse who Is committed to both you and your kid.

How to Start a Family – Preparing to Start A Family

Talk to your spouse: you have to talk to your spouse to ascertain how serious he or she is about having kids because when any of the spouse Is

not thrilled about the arrangement of bringing a child into the world,certainly, an argument will set in.

Assess your finance: it takes more than love to take care of a baby,raising kids is so costly, a child cannot eat love,or wear love but love can be shown to a child while money is used in the maintenance and upkeep of the child.

You have to estimate the cost of baby’s supplies,clothes, furniture’s as well as things such as day care.

How much do you know about raising kids?You can take parenting courses, always sit close to a nursing mother, take care of little nieces, nephews, babies of close friends and associates to know more about kids.

Assess your ability to deal with unexpected occurrence: just like every aspect of life, there is no guarantee for kids, you should be able to accept what soever thing that life offers you.

You may end up losing your kid,you may find yourself as the parent of a disabled child, you may end up a single parent, you may end up giving birth to twins triplets,

quadruplets when you need only one kid,you may loss your job and your finance will change dramatical, you may end up not been able to give birth at all.

Decide how much you want children: do you feel that you will miss out without a family or do you want to be a parent? Starting a family is never a bad idea but ensure that before you start it,that every thing required to take

care of a family is readily available otherwise you will suffer the gifts given to you by God.Don’t be in a haste to start up a family but ensure that before going to the Journey of marriage, you are an independent person entirely.

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