Import ICS Calendar – Guide to Import ICS Calendar Files

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Import ICS Calendar – Guide to Import ICS Calendar Files

It does not matter how long of your calendaring application; there may be an excellent opportunity that spits out your whole collection of activities and as an ICS FILE. luckily, Some calendar packages can import ics files.


Apple and Google calendars are very popular; this write up is based on the both.

You’ve got alternatives: merge activities from imported ICS files with present calendars, or have the events show in a new calendar.

How to Import ICS Calendar Files Into Google Calendar

  • Visit there you will Open Google calendar
  • Then, choose the gear icon to the left of your profile image on the top right side of Google Calendar.
  • If it’s done choose Settings.
  • Then, select the Import & export option from the left.
  • Select the option called Select file from your computer, and find and open the ICS file you want to use.
  • Choose the calendar you wish to import the ICS events into from the Add to calendar drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select Import.

For you to  create a new calendar you can use the ICS file with, locate into Settings from the third step above and then select Add calendar > New calendar.

Once it’s done fill out the new calendar details and then finish making it with the create calender button. Here, repeat the above steps to use the ICS file with your new Google calendar.

Guideline to Files in Apple Calendar

Similar to Google Calendar, it’s also easy to import ICS files using apple calender:

  • Go to your Apple Calendar and navigate to the File > Import > Import.
  • Then, locate and highlight the desired ICS file.
  • Then click Import.
  • Choose the calendar in which you want the imported events added. 
  • Then, choose New Calendar to create a new calendar for the imported schedule.
  • Once you are done, click OK.

Hope this was Helpful, Thanks for Reading….

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