L.L. Bean Mastercard Login – Application Guideline – Apply Online

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L.L. Bean Mastercard Login – Application Guideline – Apply Online

l.l.bean mastercard credit card is a store reward credit score card issued via citibank. The card is designed for individuals with top credit score. the minimum credit score to apply is seven-hundred.

L.L. Bean Mastercard Login

Are you thinking if  l.l.bean master card credit score card is the proper card for you?, carry on to get the very best out of this write up to make an excellent decision.

The l.l.bean credit card is a credit score card that’s designed for those with frequent purchaser of l.l.bean and has it at hearth. There as a user, you will earn four% cashback for good purchases made at l.l.bean,  2% again at gasoline stations and restaurants.

In particular, you will need to register for the LLBean Mastercard purchase and possibly for the other classes if not you can get a better contract ordinary other credit card.

The l.l.bean mastercard is a shop credit score card presenting rewards on almost every  purchase made, like 4%  rewards on purchases you are making at any l.l.bean store or via their internet site.

Besides some mastercard profit, you’ll also get extra perks which include free monogramming, shipping and also returns, and distinctive the sales and offers at l.l.bean.

 The l.l.bean credit card is presently issued citi as a credit card. it was formally  issued through barclays, as the l.l.bean visa card. This is an “open-loop” card, which means that you may use it everywhere mastercard credit score cards are approved.

The card offers rewards on purchases, and other perks and benefits that L.L.Bean users would desire. Keep reading to see L.L. Bean Mastercard Login below.

Credit Card Rate and Fees and Benefits of L.L.Bean Mastercard

  • There is no fee attached to the L.L.Bean Mastercard.
  • Reports to major credit bureaus
  • At L.L.Bean card the APR ranges from 15.74% to 21.74%, which, in the world of store credit cards, is very logical.
    Whereas that interest rate is regarding average for cashback rewards cards, it’s pretty competitive compared to travel rewards cards, whose best APR often eclipses 17%.
  • The extra fees and rates on this card include a 5% cash advance fee that’s paired with a 26.99% APR, a 3% balance transfer fee and a foreign transaction fee of 3%.
  • Fraud Liability

Is there Room for L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card introductory APR offer?

Not at all, L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card don’t come with an introductory APR offer for balance transfers. L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card does not offer an introductory rate on new purchases.

Rates & Terms

  • Purchase APR 15.49% – 21.49%
  • Balance Transfer APR 16.24% – 22.24%
  • Cash Advance APR Starting at 26.74%

L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card fees

In a tabular form, the LL Bean Credit Card fees are shown below: but the rate are subject to change

L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card Fees
Fees Amount
Annual Fee $0
Overlimit Fee $0
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Balance Transfer Fee 3%
Minimum Balance Transfer Fee $5
Returned Payment Fee $37
Late Payment Fee $37

Is there a Foreign Transaction fee at L.L.Bean ?

Off course, there is a foreign transaction fee of 3%. Let’s take for instance, if you spend $2,000 on a week holiday overseas you would pay a foreign transaction fee of $60. But once you you travel without the card at and afterwards, you can apply for one that doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee.

L.L. Bean Mastercard Login – How to Apply for L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card Online

Apply for the L.L Bean Mastercard Credit Card using this guide below:

  • Go to the Citibank website.
  • Fill in the application form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, annual income, and source of employment.
  • Once you are done, go through the information supplied to know if correct and submit your application.

The L.L.Bean Mastercard Credit Card is known to reports your account activity to the following credit reporting group: Equifax, Experian, Transunion.

As a user, you can also login with the citibank website seen above. visit there and sign on.

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